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    John Baker

    Hello, I have a Tony Kart Extreme that I have bought to introduce my son into racing.  I would like him to run in the clone or gx200 class, but I am having trouble finding a mount that would fit the frame railing and on top of that, I’m not sure the 4 cycle motor will be compatible with the 2 cycle chassis.  I appreciate any input that would help.



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    This is extremely easy to do

    Order a 15 degree engine mount from BMI karts, these are extremely adjustable, and will fit any European and American karts (universal)

    You can adjust 2 to 3 notches on any direction, front back or side.

    You may wanna give them a call 1st, as I don’t see any 15 degree mounts available, but they used to have them by the ton.

    And yes, that chassis will do just fine with a 4 cycle engine, you may have to cut the rear crossmember or bend it a little, to clear the inboard rear sprocket.http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Degree-Angled-Motor-Mount-for-Honda-Briggs-Clone-Predator-Engines-Go-Kart-/221292508160

    Here’s a link to that mount, hope this helps. Fast Freddy   :)

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    John Baker

    Thank you so much, and btw just making sure (it’s my main concern), the Tony Kart rail spacing is about 120mm correct?  That’s why I was worried about international mounts.  Also, do I bend the seat strut next to it, or cut it and buy an adjustable seat strut?  (Btw, I haven’t secured the axle yet, I’m cleaning the kart slowly and replacing some old bolts)

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    Motor Mount

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    Dan Brown

    John, you are correct, the Tony Kart Extreme and Esprit do not use a standard frame rail spacing, they are much wider than the European spacing that many sprint karts use. I would contact the mount manufacturer that Freddy suggested and make sure they have a mount that will be wide enough. I have several mounts here for my Tony Kart Extreme, but they are both kt100 bolt pattern mounts, not for 4 cycles. You may have to cut off the seat strut and modify the rear frame crossmember to get enough clearance to run a 4 cycle on that kart, depending on the motor mount you end up getting and exactly where the engine ends up sitting in relationship to those frame members. I personally wouldn’t cut up that kart, as it looks like its in great shape and would be a shame to hack it up. I would put it up for sale on here and buy a chassis designed for a 4 cycle engine first. The adjustable mounts can usually give enough clearance to miss the seat strut, but the rear frame crossmember is so close to the rear axle that you are limited to a very small rear sprocket.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    The older vintage Tony’s will pose more challenges than most for mounting a 4-cycle.  Frame rail spacing on the older Tony’s is unique and will make it harder to find a mount; and the cross rail angle sucks and it will have to be cut and moved to give sprocket clearance.  I guess the good thing is that when you move the cross rail, you’ll have to also move the seat post with it?

    I agree with Dan – this is a case where it’s probably better to find a different chassis.

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    John Baker

    Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it.   I will try to mount a KT100, and if it is too inconvenient, I will buy/sell the chassis for a 4 cycle CIK Kart. – John

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    Taylor Young

    In the 90’s and early 2000’s Tony Kart and Mike Wilson karts (probably some others too) decided to make some karts with a wider spacing on those frame rails. You probably will never find a mount or find a way to get an inboard engine to work with that chassis without cutting the crossmember and seat struts (which I strongly do not recommend). It’ll work good for kt100 though if you have that option.

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    John back on 3-1-14. EKN member Joseph Bath had a odenthal Kt100 mount for sale in the classified parts section on here. Not sure if he still has it. No one makes mounts for the (125mm Tony//Kart spacing) that I can find any more. But you can find them on EBay every now and then. Since there’s no room to mount the sprocket on the inside you could always go to a jack shaft set up with a 4cycle. You could also install a short length of 32mm tubing alongside the tube that has the right side seat mount attached to it. This will now give you the 92mm International Frame spacing. Then you should be able to use any off-the-shelf mount you need. I hope this helps and makes sense. I to have a Extream Chassis. I know what you are up against.


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    John Baker

    Thank you so much for the info, I’ll look into putting a tube there, but with clamps or some other way to secure it other than welds.  I appreciate all the help guys, anything is appreciated, I guess I should either look for a new kart or for a jackshaft. – John

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    Walt Gifford

    If it’s a motor mount tube it’s got to be welded on. You could have a 5/8″ aluminum sub plate made then use a Burris 3rd bearing top plate for a Yamaha mount. But I would think you could find a magnesium factory mount for it without too much looking. The factory mount would also use the Burris top plate.


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    I have at least 2 if not 3 of those Tony Kart Mgnesium mounts Cliff is talking about, that were specifically made for that chassis. You can probably drill some holes to make it a 4 cycle bolt pattern.

    You can have them for $65 bucks, plus shipping, if you’d like.

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