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    Ted Hamilton

    I stopped by GoPro Motorplex (a balmy 32*) yesterday, and chatted with Dan Kraus about the elimination of the Open Shifter class.  His response was that most of the shifters were NASCAR drivers who practiced, but were busy on weekends.

    I told him that it was race at CMP or GoPro, and if there was no way to fit me into another class, I’d have to go to CMP.  He re-iterated that desire to keep classes “pure” for Senior Tag, though mentioned that sometimes they’d thrown the shifters in with TaG Masters last year….but didn’t want to this year.

    He did mention that if I could find 9 other drivers, they’d have the class….

    So, how many other shifters are around the Metro Charlotte area or within reasonable driving distance for racing in 2015 at GoPro?  I have an 80cc shifter that I’ll be using, and would like an “Open Shifter” class.  The other option, which I’m emailing Dan about, is having an “Unlimited” class that acts as a catch-all for the oddball karts plus shifters….

    What do y’all think?


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    Walt Gifford

    Dang, most places will make a class if you have 3-5.

    I will say I hate it when people are running that are not in the class. Even if you’re a back marker you should be clear to race the guy beside you. There was a shifter in with the KT100 class once. He didn’t know how to drive and we caught him. He would slow way down for every turn and bunch us up then scoot away on the straight. Finally we all plowed into him.


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    Ted Hamilton

    Walt —

    I can see your point, but we got grouped, as ICAs, with the TaGs at BeaverRun….we staggered the start so that we were perhaps 5 sec. behind on the green.  Speeds were similar, and we were experienced enough to pass the slower TaGs and not interfere with their racing unduly.

    IMO, if you’re grouped in, you owe it to the other class not to interfere — either let them all by on a straight, or something similar.  And if you’re being passed, hold your line, and follow a normal racing line…  But courtesy is a disappearing commodity in karting, it seems.

    That’s where “Open” class makes sense to me as a catch-all — it doesn’t interfere with other classes points’ battles but still lets people race who don’t fit elsewhere…


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