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    Chris Nachtmann

    Hello All,

    My daughter and I have been Karting for about 3 months now. We live in Charlotte NC. Victory Lane Karting is where we have been running. We just stopped in there on a impulse kind of thing. She gave it a try and loved it.  She is 11 years old. She has been a level 5 competitive cheerleader for  7 years and is a level 7 gymnast now and trains 4 hrs a day, 3 days a week. She is in amazing physical shape, so she can spend a day karting and the only fatigue she has is mental which I try to explain is just as important. She takes 2 hour private driving lessons with a VLK instructor every week. Her times in traffic are now within 3-4 seconds of the top club regulars. She is on me now for her own kart. I said she has to stick with it for 1 year renting first. Go Pro Motorplex would be our home track.  We have not ran there yet because she is a bit intimidated by that place and they don’t let Jr’s run on the weekends unless your a member. So…. I’m starting to do the legwork now. Seems like the Rotax motor in the jr cadet class would be where she would start? Then the chassis… Tony, CRG, Arrow, etc…. It’s a ton of info… To much. We would want to go new as this would be a business right off (I own a CNC machine shop in Charlotte) So, sorry for the long read, I just wanted you guys to know the story about us before you chimed in. Thanks in advance to all who help.



    David Cole

    Welcome Chris to the EKN and karting community. Starting out with indoor karting is a great way to get hooked. Looks like you guys are ready for the next step.

    The KartSport North America group at the GoPro Motorplex are among the best people to get you started in competitive karting. They deal the FA Kart and the Arrow kart.

    My suggestion is to check out the chassis products they have available, and start off with the LO206 engine. This is very similar to the indoor karting engine, American made, can be raced right out of the box brand new, and is a great speed to get started. Then, if she catches on quickly and wants to move faster, you can advance up into the Rotax engine with the same kart.



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