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    Benn Herr

    Re-post from the General Forum…

    To many of you West Coast karters, I’m sad to announce that George Moreland has died. Only 72 years old, his heart couldn’t keep up with him anymore. He was a regular at many SWK, SCK, NCK, and IKF events. As much as he loved racing, he loved being with racing people the most.

    There are some pictures here:


    Thank you George, for being my friend.</p>

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    Debbie Kuntze

    He had such a wonderful desposition at the track follwed by a great big smile!

    George you will be missed greatly! Say hi to Julie for me.

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    Bill Pyles

    George was kind and just loved being around racers.  I believe my 15 year old stole a ride or two in his kart.  Hard to believe George left us so early.

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    Larry Dobbs

    <span style=”color: #333333; font-family: ‘Georgia’,’serif’; font-size: 10pt;”>It is a privilege to have known George and we are glad that he brought Bret back to share our racing passion with. Maybe you can bring Gino back out Bret? My heartfelt sympathy and prayers for George and his family and friends.</span>


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    Bill Pyles

    There is a good photo tribute to George on http://www.lostenduros.com/?page_id=2078

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    Bret Moreland

    <div id=”d4p-bbp-quote-12594″>Thank you Benn and everyone for the kind words about my Uncle George.  He had been a part of karting since the 60′s.  He got me into the sport in the late 70′s, I left for a couple of decades, and he got me back into it a few years ago.  I loved going to the track with him.  He loved being at the track and especially around other karters.  He was the best and I will always remember our last outing a couple of months ago at Buttonwillow.  I am not sure how I will be able to manage at the track without his friendship, knowledge, experience and help.  He taught me so much about setup and tuning, he was the best and my tuner, mechanic, coach and most of all MY FRIEND.  He will be missed!!!

    Check out these other photos on Benn’s site. 

    http://www.lostenduros.com/gallery/early/Adams1968.jpg – thats George in #10 just after the other kart whent right over him
    http://www.lostenduros.com/gallery/early/Flatrock090475.jpg  http://www.lostenduros.com/gallery/mid/RiversideMargay.jpg

    Benn the last photo in your tribute is so George and we should all remember him that way. Thank you.


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