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    Donnie Leonard

    I ended up going with a stock 99 ignition over the vortex unit so I no longer need this.  It came on the motor when I bought it 2 seasons ago and I have maybe used this motor 7 or 8 times with this ignition.  I am not sure what it’s worth or what they go for used.  I’ll list it for $250 and I am open to offers and trades.  I would be willing to trade for a transponder and charger and depending on the model or how new it is add money on top of the trade.  This ignition came off a working motor and will include the stator/harness, flywheel, CDI box, and a coil.  Best way to get a hold of me is by phone, feel free to call or text me and I can send pictures of this ignition upon request.  Or if you want to email me that works too but I cant promise how soon I will get to it.



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