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    James Barnes

    I am had an issue that I have never dealt with before. The front tire wear doesn’t make sense to me. Can anyone help me out?

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    James Barnes

    I thought we had it together, but then it started getting that rubber built up towards the outside and I never seen that before.

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    Gary Lawson

    Can take another pic zoomed out a little to see the kart a little? What are alignment settings? Toe and camber. Why does the rim look really wide and what kart and engine package

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    James Barnes

    I don’t have the kart here with me, that was at the track. we had 1/2 degree positive camber in the left front and 2mm toe out. The rim may look wide just because of how the pic was taken. It is a roadrat chassis with a Dover motor.

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    Gary Lawson

    The tire looks like it was used prior and flipped on the rim so a lot of camber has been cut into what is now the outside of the tire. It also appears to be a Bridgestone YLC and they have a naturally round profile. All this coupled with running a clone that are not very fast may lead to some funky looking build-up. Air pressure could also be a factor. What pressure you running and also what track?

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    James Barnes

    yeh, we had to flip the tire. wasn’t sure how it would affect it, didn’t expect that result though. We try to keep the pressure to 13 lbs. We were running at Kartington. it is an oval track.

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    Dustin McGrew

    I’ve been meaning to ask a similar question. My front tires had a line of rubber like that, but it was on the outside edge of the tire. What does that mean in terms of handling and and setup? I only have 1 career race so far, so I’m still a newbie. Does that most likely mean I have a setup that is understeering? Too much negative camber, or not enough?

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    Check your spindle king pins and bearings, we had the same issue a week ago with my Son’s kart

    Even though everything was fine on the practice sessions when he did his first race, he came back to the pits with a horrible NEG camber, we patched up the best we could, by maximizing POS camber all the way out, just to compensate for that problem, and just to get him back in the race

    But when we brought the kart back to the shop we replaced the spindle bearings and the king pin, sniped it and now it’s ready to go.

    The problem you’re having is due to POSITIVE or NEGATIVE camber, depending on where the tire is wearing at ( INSIDE OR OUTSIDE ) Either way, you need to grab the tire while it is still attached to the kart and apply force to it up and down

    If you have some amount of movement or significant amount of play, then replace the bearings inside the spindle where the king pin goes, and also replace the king pin, just to be safe. You’d be surprised, ours came out looking like a bottle opener. Lol.

    Good luck, I hope this works for you.

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    David McDowell



    Thank you for that input it makes since, I have been fighting the same problem during my first three races. I thought it was being caused by the change in tires since it did not happen at all last year, but is happening now that we switched tires. I will look at the play in my spendles and change the kin pen since I have a few extras.



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    Gary Lawson

    No need to change the kingpin. Just check it by loosening the kingpin nut and spin the bolt while you have your laser alignment tool on the front. The laser will move all around on the grid if it is bent.

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    Tim Koyen

    To Dustin’s question; normally rubber build up on the outside of the front tires is due to understeer.   Too much rear grip, not enough front grip, or a combination of both.  Perhaps even overdriving the corner.  Camber plays a role in the complicated task of getting the kart to corner properly, but its only part of the equation.

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    David McDowell



    Picture number one is the front left and picture number two is the front right. Our track is perdominatly right hand turns which should stress the left tire more I think. Camber and Toe are exactly the same side to side. The front right is scales 2 lbs heavier than the left as well. I am lost as to the cause of this. Any help would be appreciated. I will also try the comments above at the next outing.

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    Matt Dixon

    A whole lot of Neg Camber (edit) and a push


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