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    Greg Nelson

    Ok, guys, I guess I’ll try to do this, I can’t guarantee anything, like forgetting to to start a race, but here goes.
    Pick 1,2,3 for qualifying, get 3 for 1st, 2 of 2nd and 1 for 3rd for Q
    Pick 1,2,3 for podium finish for the race, where every your drivers end up you get their points for the race, as in You pick Kimi to win, but he gets 6th, you get 6th GP race points. If your picks finish where you picked them, you get 5 points for each right position.
    So if you picked Hamilton to win, Alonso 2nd and Massa 3rd, and they place in those positions, you get 15 bonus points + their race points.
    Picks must be in before the Q sessions start. Any late picks after Q starts are invalid.

    So I’ll go first.
    Australian GP
    Q : 1-Alonso 2-Massa 3-Rosburg
    Race : 1-Massa 2-Rosburg 3-Kimi

    Since this is pretty late to get going and a new format, if there is less than 10 players, this one will be just a test run. If we get more than 10 players, then let’s do it and make it count.
    Good luck,
    Oh, if anyone wants to start off a week before I get to it, feel free to start the topic and make your picks, do wait for me.

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    Greg Nelson

    Ok, I looked up the points they are 1st = 25, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 15, 4th = 12, 5th = 10, 6th = 8, 7th = 6, 8th = 4, 9th = 2 and 10th = 1.
    And no double points for the last race like F1 is doing, normal points at all races

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    Juan David Gomez



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    Paul Hir


    1. Rosberg

    2. Hamilton

    3. Vettel


    1. Button

    2. Rosberg

    3. Alonso

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    Larry Andrews

    Greg: Thanks for taking this on!


    Ham  But  Ros




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    Thank you Greg.


    1. Vettel

    2. Hamilton

    3. Alonso


    1. Roseberg

    2. Kimi

    3. Vettel

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    Jim Derrig

    Thanks Greg!


    1.  Hamilton

    2.  Rosberg

    3.  Alonso.


    1. Hamilton

    2. Alonso

    3.  Vettel

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    Greg Nelson

    After Q, points (I probably won’t do this each race)
    Qualifying Race
    1-Larry Andrews 4 pts (Ham 1st, Ros 3rd)
    2-Greg Dzielinski 3 pts (Ham 1st)
    2-JD Gomez 3 pts (Ham 1st)
    2-Jim Derrig 3 pts (Ham 1st)
    5-Greg Nelson 1 pt (Ros 3rd)
    6-Francois Brun- 0 pts
    7-Paul Hir 0 pts

    With only 7 players, should we make this a test run and start the season next race or go ahead and start now, if any last comers join, then, they missed a race or 2?
    Also, should we do like Larry did and if you forget to pick a race, your last race picks are used?

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    Jim Derrig

    Just start the season now.  Agree that picks should carry forward from the last race unless they are changed.

    And how about a contest for best description of what sound the new motors sound like?  Sick chain saw?  Garbage disposal full of rocks?

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    Greg Nelson

    Wow, I knew this season was full of changes, well this gives us somewhat of an idea what to expect.
    Qualifying and Race Points race #1
    1-Paul Hir 47 pts Nice job Paul!
    2-Larry Andrews 41 pts
    3-Greg Dzielinski 40 pts
    4-JD Gomez 38 pts
    5-Francois Brun-Wibuax 34 pts with 5 bonus points for picking the winner.
    6-Greg Nelson 30 pts
    7-Jim Derrig 13 pts

    As Jim requested, if no one else objects with a good reason, then this will count for the season, As for anyone that missed joining in on this race, it’s only one of 19 (/), you have plenty of chances to get in this thing, Paul had no points after qualifying and now leads with good race points paying choices.

    Jim, the engines remind me of a V-6 Chevy Citation with a clogged and wet air filter and fouled plugs from running diesel, LOL, horrible. It’s too late now, unless they institute a change at summer break and allow development testing immediately, but the first thing they need to change for ’15 is the single turbo and the electric motor for it, let them run twin turbos and no motor for it, it would reduce complexity and probably sound better.

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    Greg Dzielinski

    Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo has lost his second-place finish in Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix after stewards decided his car had run with too high a fuel flow rate during the race. The team are to appeal the decision.

    Ricciardo crossed the line behind winner Nico Rosberg to claim his maiden F1 podium. His exclusion elevates McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen to P2 and team mate Jenson Button to third

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    Greg Nelson

    OK, we’ll have to see if anything changes  with the appeal.

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    Greg Nelson

    If the disqualification of Red Bull stands, revised points are:

    Qualifying and Race Points race #1
    1-Paul Hir 52 pts
    2-Larry Andrews 44 pts
    3-Greg Dzielinski 43 pts
    4-JD Gomez 40 pts
    5-Francois Brun-Wibuax 36 pts.
    6-Greg Nelson 32 pts
    7-Jim Derrig 15 pts
    Everyone gained points, but stayed in the same position

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    Greg Dzielinski


    I’ve been thinking about doing this myself for the past couple of days

    Thank you for beating me to it. Good luck!


    1. Hamilton

    2. Alonso

    3. Vettel


    1. Masa

    2. Rosberg

    3. Button


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    Greg Nelson

    Don’t thank me yet! Anyone that wants to help or whatever, jump in, I welcome any help. Larry did a great job for the last couple of years and I know it’s not going to be easy.
    keeping track of everything, so if I make a mistake, please let me know immediately so I can correct it. Good luck everyone.

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