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    Samir Shah

    On a Rotax Jr engine:

    I’ve seen a few emails and posts about sealing the exhaust to engine flange connection with RTV/copper/etc silicone, in addition to the springs.

    Right now, I’m just using 2 springs.

    Should I also be sealing the joint? Can I use something like Leopards silicone sleeve over the joint instead?

    Also, the pipe seems to be at a slight upward angle relative to the angle of the flange. Is the ball design at the flange meant to compensate for this, or should I lower my rear pipe brackets to allow the pipe to align downwards with the flange.

    Thanks, Samir.

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    Scottie Melancon

    I think it’s a good idea to seal the exhaust socket the best you can. You can use the RTV silicone or you may want to consider purchasing the new EVO exhaust socket and use the gasket sealing ring. Regardless of which method, I would highly recommend using 4 springs in lieu of 2. My son’s exhaust seals well with either method as long as we have 4 springs.  If you use the RTV, you’ll find that it doesn’t last long due to the heat and vibration, so you may have to reseal every couple of runs. I really like the new gasket seals and socket. It is difficult to install the gasket without breaking it though. I found that heating it up helps with getting it around the socket.

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