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    William Weiler

    I looked at my plug a month ago and it was grey/white so I put the carb needle up a notch to raise the needle. Then I took apart the carb and sprayed it out and got the part numbers on the jets and confirmed it was stock. Last weekend after running I checked the plug and it was bone white, way too lean. I raised the needle more. The engine also did this weird thing where when I started it full choke, if I lowered the choke bar, the idle went way up. When it was hot this problem went away and it seemed normal. The engine is used but I don’t want to blow it up. Can anyone diagnose what’s wrong? The temperature last weekend was in the 90’s, but shouldn’t that richen it up?

    TonyKart 401s LO206
    Morgan Hill, CA



    You can’r read the spark plug like on a 2 stroke and expect it to be brown or darker. these motors are just like a car motor.

    The idle issue you may be having is most likely a vaccumm leak at the intake manifold or gasket, the engine cannot breath anywhere else other than the air filter area (front of carburetor)

    Run that engine, let it idle on the stand, spray small amount of car/brake cleaner around the suspected air leak area, and see if anything changes after you spray.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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