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    Kevin Reguera

    Hi, I’ve got an old emmic chassis that has bad brakes.

    They operate when I apply them but they don’t have much stopping..or I should say, slowing power.  Yes, I have bled them, added new fluid, and made sure I’ve got full range of motion on the master cylinder.

    I’d like to try new brake pads even though they don’t seem to be worn out.

    Any ideas where to find parts for karts that are no longer being produced.

    Thanks for any help with this!

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    Taylor Young

    You need to replace the rubber seals in both the master cylinder and the caliper.  Doesn’t matter how much you bleed if those are old you wont have strong brakes.

    If the kart is from the early 2000s or earlier they used MCP brakes. Margay I think still uses them and I’ve seen the parts on Comet kart sales before.



    If it’s newer I’m pretty sure they used righetti ridolfi brakes which parts are available for.



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    Walt Gifford

    Are you lettin’ off the gas pedal?


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    Greg Wright

    If they are MCP brakes it will be no problem, they are still in production and parts are everywhere.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.
    Vintage B-Stock Pilot
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    Chuck hurlbert

    Go to napa and ask for cup seals, they have all the sizes you need.

    Note, i heard it was common for emmick brakes to suck until some heat was but into them. Maybe it was just the one i bought though.

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    Gary Lawson

    Maybe sand the pads if the seem glazed. Make sure the linkage is on the highest hole on the master cylinder and the lowest hole on the pedal. Assuming they have multiple holes this will give you the most leverage.

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