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    Alan Sheidler

    It seems as though someone sold my home email, or I’ve been data-mined? Or, someone is gathering a mailing list via an eBay account under a different ID?  This evening I got an email without my name, just my email, offering “Parts for your Racing Kart”, specifically heel stops with hardware.  The sender was D_O_T_B@msn.com.

    No tin foil hat here, but I’ve never heard of this seller, and a PO box is the address in Nipomo, CA.  The embedded links are for facebook, and I don’t have an account.  Sent via “MailChimp”

    Anyone else get the email, and do you know who it is?  Google gives me “Kartmaster” at that address, and there is a website.

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    Larry Andrews

    There *is* a Kartmaster parts company in Nipomo, CA that does make heel stops.  <shrug>  Am a bit surprised as I’ve also never seen direct email used for karting and you might be right that something fishy is going on.

    -la  (who tries to use an alias with anything posted online…you might remember one)

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    Mike Lyda

    I got one too..   I’m pretty sure it’s from eBay user gogokarts who sells kart parts.

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    Alan Sheidler

    Yep, I got a reply to an email: eBay’s “gogokarts” is the guy.

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