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    Vernon Head

    I found a company called Davies Craig that sells one. I wonder if anyone has done this. In order to use a KZ for autocross I need to be able to idle for up to 5 minutes at a time. Do you simply replace the axle pump or add the electric one?

    If I were to turn the electric pump off  just before taking off, would the non-functioning pump block the water from being pumped by the axle pump?

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    Matt Martin

    Simply replace the axle pump.  You could do both, but that would be silly and add weight and complexity that you don’t need.  I would suggest running a thermostat so the engine doesn’t stay cold as the electric pump will likely run at 100% duty cycle without some sort of programmable controller.

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    Vernon Head

    Could I just turn the pump on and off to regulate the temperature?

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      Matt Martin

      You could.  That assumes you know the temperature – a water pump that is turned off will not flow water past an in-line temp sensor, especially if that sensor that is further downstream.  You could run the temp sensor directly off the engine’s outlet and have a better idea.

      I think your application warrants a thermostat which opens the path for the radiator, but keeps a closed-loop (with the thermostat) when warming up.

      45°C 3-Way Thermostat

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    Vernon Head


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    Brian Wilhelm

    I’ve used that pump for 10 years, and they work great. During warmup, I do regulate temperature by turning it on and off. I do use a modified IAME Leopard thermostat for those times I may not have adequate time for a proper warmup.

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    Alan Sheidler


    Check with Jason Vehige, he runs an electric pump on his autocross kart.

    Not sure what his setup is regarding the axle-driven pump.  Anyway, it works well for him.

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    Carter Thompson

    I think that is a great idea if you have to already add weight to the kart. I would imagine you would have to run a battery to power the EWP. I run the Davis Craig on my SCCA race car and love it. No need for a thermostat, the controller takes care of all that. I have mine controlled via the ECU and it’s speed is controlled by RPM and temperature. The DC controller basically does all the hard work and keeps the engine cool. I will have to do my homework on that since I have 35+ # of lead on the kart to make weight.


    Any updates on your project?



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