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    Todd Kageals

    Has anyone seen the electric starter setup on the Honda motor that utilizes the kick start shaft?  there’s a shifter kart on eBay with this setup.


    Scott Newton

    I’ve wondered the same thing – would eliminate the seat clearance issue.

    Here’s a link to the ad: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Evett-Motorsports-custom-shifter-race-karts-INSANELY-FAST-not-for-children-/261565366153?

    It looks like this kart has a lot of other modifications as well – such as having a front suspension.  Would be interested to know what was involved in bolting the starter up though…




    Jeff Clarke

    Looks like an interesting setup, I imagine a call or email to the builder might get you some info on that.  Let us know what you find if you do.

    I have the second design Hegar unit on my CRG now. They revised the design over the spring/summer and now have a better scheme for engaging the flywheel than the original. It has worked very well for me. With regard to seat clearance, I moved my seat over about 3/4″ to make more clearance during this second install and reweighed. The effect of seat movement is somewhat offset by the offset engine mounting required.  As it turns out I could have afforded to move the seat even more left because at this point I am still slightly heavier on the motor side (49L/51R %). Since I’m over class weight already I’ve chosen to let it ride, but I could easily true it up with a little more weight. As far as handling goes, its imperceptible to me, but ymmv.



    brian heaton

    I have email thus guy on Ebay,  and gave not heard anything from him.

    If you look at the pictures(I can repost if needed) it looks like a Tag starter with a aluminum adapter plate.

    If you made a run if these, would def be cheaper than the over priced Hegar unit, and less hassle to install for those of us who run 2xl seats.


    Greg Lindahl


    Shifter kart racing is not inexpensive.

    As a great response I read at Apexspeed stated to a middle income cost complainer; Racing is not for every income.  If it’s too costly, you’re in the wrong class of racing.

    Spend for fun and enjoy yourself!


    Curtis Cooksey

    I used my new Hegar CR 125 starter kit this weekend and it was awesome!

    Easy to install and so cool to just push a button and start the engine.

    Get yours at: http://www.accelerationkarting.com/hegarcr125electricstarterkit.aspx

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)

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