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    David Cole

    This weekend is the second stop of the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour – the 2013 SummerNationals. Over 200 drivers are scheduled compete at Grand Junction Motor Speedway in Colorado, running in four Stock Moto and four TaG categories. The third and fourth rounds of the Pro Tour championship will be contested over the July 20-21 weekend. Friday serves as a full day of practice, giving us an idea of how the events will unfold Saturday and Sunday.

    EKN will once again be providing our popular ‘Trackside Live’ coverage, including audio and live timing. Those unable to attend will be able to listen to EKN’s own Rob Howden as he calls the event from qualifying to final checkered flag. All of the coverage will be available at http://www.eknclassic.com/live . Be sure to follow this thread for updates as the event unfolds and look for the event preview on the website on Friday. Also, follow EKN on Facebook and Twitter for live updates along with Instagram

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    Ken Schilling

    I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts on FaceBook about the weather… YIKES!!!


    Rob Howden

    Ken, Ijust landed and it was a wild landing for sure…it was like the guy was flying through tic-tac-toe at Infineon..it was awesome! The clouds are heavy here, the winds are high, and we had a little rain as well. Hopefully this blows through tonight and there’s not tent damage at the track.


    Carlos Calderon

    Tic-Tac-Toe! Haha! How’s the paddock this morning?

    What’s the EKN Live schedule?

    This will be the first ProTour event I will missed. Too bad. Going to miss seeing all the TaG stuff play out and watching the new Aluminos karts take to the track. So I’m going to need lots of updates today! 😉


    Carlos Calderon

    Here’s the SKUSA event schedule.


    David Cole

    We will be testing for the final session today at 3:20pm MDT at http://www.eknclassic.com/live


    Carlos Calderon

    I’ve got an idea: Happy Hour with Howden today! Talk with Kutscher, Motley, Valiante, Giessen, Mike Manning, Weiner/Kuntze, Jens, Moormeister (Rotax engine evolution), Giebler? (Vortex perspective), Seesemann (TaG Master perspective), Chelootz (stuck with Leopard), Stacey Cook (Rotax track?). YES! Do it!!

    Side note: what I just discovered? If you accidentally click a link while you’re in progress of writing a post, then go back, your content will be saved when you go back, unlike with eknclassic. Wooo hooo!


    Carlos Calderon

    Oops, I meant Zimmer, not Weiner. An Andrew nonetheless. :)


    David Cole

    I like the idea, unfortunately, it’s too late to put that together as we are working on a number of things today. And I think when the final session today runs, we’ll see where things stand with the TaG classes.


    Garrett Yates

    What direction is the track going this weekend?


    David Cole

    What direction is the track going this weekend?



    David Cole

    TaG Junior Final Practice

    1. Blaine Rocha – 56.053
    2. Davey Manthei Jr.
    3. Austin Versteeg
    4. Anthony Gangi Jr.
    5. Yurik Carvalho
    6. Justice Lepe
    7. Emerson Reed
    8. Anthony Sawyer
    9. Christian Brooks
    10. Colton Herta


    David Cole

    S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto Final Practice

    1. Ryan Kinnear – 52.720
    2. Augie Lerch
    3. Kolton Griffin
    4. Miguel Lopez
    5. Ben Schermerhorn
    6. Don Whittington
    7. Joshua De Losier
    8. Axel Matus
    9. Cody Diede
    10. Austin Schimmel


    David Cole

    TaG Master Final Practice

    1. Scott Falcone – 56.468
    2. Jim Russell Jr.
    3. Chuck Gafrarar
    4. Brian McHattie
    5. Paul Bonilla
    6. Federico Aquini
    7. Anthony Honeywell
    8. Ethan Wilson
    9. Paul Holbein
    10. Ron Hyde


    David Cole

    S5 Junior Stock Moto Final Practice

    1. Jim McKinney – 54.626
    2. Raul Guzman
    3. Jarred Campbell
    4. Carter Williams
    5. Salvador de Alba
    6. Jacob Loomis
    7. Max Nufer
    8. Jesse Woodyard
    9. Erik Nelson
    10. Pierce Dawlett


    David Cole

    TaG Senior Final Practice

    1. Austin Elliott – 55.173
    2. Andre Nicastro
    3. Jake Craig
    4. Remo Ruscitti
    5. Nick Neri
    6. Jacob Knueven
    7. Matt Johnson
    8. Jonathan May
    9. David Jurca
    10. Carlee Taylor


    Carlos Calderon

    What were the Seniors driving? Is the EKN Preview accurate with respect to the engines they ran in Final Practice?


    Carlos Calderon

    From RaceMonitor, it says all of the top-10 were on Leopards. True? Pagano first Rotax in 11th? …sorry, I didn’t get to hear the audio.


    David Cole

    S4 Master Stock Moto Final Practice

    1. Brian Fisher – 53.577
    2. Eddie Olpin
    3. Curtis Cooksey
    4. Willy Musgrave
    5. Chris Jennings
    6. Robert Marks
    7. Tim Ulmen
    8. Don McGregor
    9. David Conyers
    10. Nick Firestone


    David Cole

    From RaceMonitor, it says all of the top-10 were on Leopards. True? Pagano first Rotax in 11th? …sorry, I didn’t get to hear the audio.

    Peterson is the only Rotax in the top-15, rest are leopards. Only two others on Rotax. From what I’ve seen and heard, most brought the Leopard engines. Not aware of drivers switching from Rotax to Leopard on the day.


    David Cole

    TaG Cadet Final Practice

    1. Sting Ray Robb – 1:01.339
    2. Ryan Schartau
    3. Dylan Tavella
    4. Jagge Jones
    5. Tomas Mejia
    6. Dick Yu
    7. Jackson Logsdon
    8. Dante Yu
    9. Payton Durrant
    10. Anthony Willis


    Carlos Calderon

    All leopards? Haha, here we go! #tagdrama


    David Cole

    S1 Pro Stock Moto Final Practice

    1. Daniel Bray – 52.946
    2. Joey Wimsett
    3. Fritz Leesmann
    4. Tyler Bennett
    5. Cory Milne
    6. Mike Beeny
    7. Sabre Cook
    8. Christian Bird
    9. Josh Lane
    10. Jimmy McNeil


    Greg Wilkinson

    Lucky # 7 Go Sabre :)


    Greg Wilkinson

    What time do you go live today ?

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