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    Jason Bane

    No, me too Tom.   I can get race monitor, but no EKN LIVE.  Commercials on livestream play just fine, but no sound from race…..


    David Cole

    S1 Sun. Main

    1. Jordon Lennox-Lamb +3.540
    2. Anthony Abbasse
    3. Nick Neri
    4. Davide Fore
    5. Oliver Askew
    6. Fritz Leesmann
    7. Ryan Kinnear
    8. Cody Hodgson
    9. Milan Dontje
    10. Jake French


    Tom Jensen

    JEEZ! Isn’t this the same crap that happened yesterday? A backmarker almost took out Hamilton and Musser. Today it happened again. PULL THE F OVER! Congrats to Elliot. Jordon got boned.


    David Cole

    S4 Sun. Main

    1. Darren Elliott +0.432
    2. Jordon Musser
    3. Trevor McAlister
    4. Gian Cavaciuti
    5. Chris Jennings
    6. Rob Logan
    7. Willy Musgrave
    8. Brian Fisher
    9. Fernando Diaz
    10. Jorge de la Huerta


    David Cole

    TaG Cadet Sun. Main

    1. Myles Forhan
    2. Jagger Jones
    3. Nicholas d’Orlando
    4. Riley Dickinson
    5. Lance Fenderson
    6. Michael d’Orlando
    7. Sam Paley
    8. Payton Durrant
    9. Mathias Solar
    10. Dylan Tavella


    David Cole

    TaG Senior Sun. Main

    1. Jake Craig +0.714
    2. Travis Lowe
    3. Louie Pagano
    4. Roger Ralston Jr.
    5. Dustin Stross
    6. Andrick Zeen
    7. Kyle Kalish
    8. Gresham Wagner
    9. Austin Elliott
    10. Austin Osborne


    lynn haddock

    How bout a 1K fine for not obeying the flag to pull off — maybe that would help the problem…………



    Joe Johnson

    That’s unfortunate that a race was lost due to a lapper.  But I don’t know of any other motorsports racing that “black flags” slower traffic.  Isn’t managing traffic part of racing?


    chris fosso

    i just shake my head at someone that was not even there  (at event)is chiming in on on the  alleged  situation in the main event in the S-4  class.  first of all there was carnage in the first turn right off the bat,so a huge portion of the field had to go around or through all of it and had to put their heads down to just make a race out of it.  (and track was brutal) . second of all, their was no mention in any of the 3 drivers meeting over the 3 days about lappers and protocol, was no atypical “move over” flag  (like always), and was no number associated with any of the black flags that were displayed to any of the drivers getting them, you cant blame them for not pulling off the first lap they were showed the black , may of not even been for them (no way to know). they were racing just like the leaders, albeit at a lesser pace(and not from lack of heart or trying).  and i agree with above post on back markers being part of the equation (it is in all other forms of racing)  . all that being said, was a great event and a lot of fun.

    all the  arm chair racers cant rant all they want…until you’re  there putting your helmet on and trying your hardest, i could care less about your opinions.




    David Cole

    IMO, lap karts are part of racing. However, the blue flag needs to be used in more than just the start/finish line.


    Stewart Willis

    First of all, The SKUSA SpringNationals was an AMAZING spectacle!  I spent a year managing a much smaller regional series and I have the utmost respect for the crew that SKUSA has assembled to put on the race.  The variables that Tom K. and Terry B. have to deal with just blow my mind.  I could not imagine dealing with such a monster.  …and the SKUSA team does it extremely well.

    Everyone should realize that ProTour is not a regional race series.  It is truly a “Nationals” or “international” level event.  Were there people that attended that probably should have worked on their development a bit more before taking on such a monster?  Absolutely.

    I am torn over the lap traffic issue.   What happened in S4 is different than some of the other situations.  S4 drivers should have the wherewithal to obey any CLEAR signs from the corner workers, including black/blue flags.    My son races tag cadet.  I went there with the intention of winning the whole thing.  But, quickly I realized that we just did not have the speed or luck to make that happen.  There was a clear advantage to the older kids because of their physical strength, allowing them to manage the nasty rubber a bit more easily.   I am sure other parents or teams had the same hopes and dreams as I did as they made plans to attend the race.  But, truly, this was the deepest Tag Cadet field that I have ever seen.  I am sure that some of the back markers were local class champions at their respective clubs.  But, the ProTour is really  where the competition is as deep as you will find anywhere.  I am sure that as the demand to attend the race continues to grow, there will have to be some qualifying standards to attend.

    All in all I am very happy that I went to the event.   Modesto Summernats is going to be OFF THE HOOK!!!



    Taylor Young

    Just from listening to this event it sounded like there was a lot of issues with either rough driving or stupid driving. A lot of red flags, spin outs and off track situations.  I wasn’t there, but that’s my impression from write ups and descriptions. There seems to be a lack of direction and culture for clean and smart driving in US karting. I’ve watched CIK/WSK events and although they are not without incident they seem to be overall more professional when it comes to racing on the track.  The only thing I can think of for why this is, is that most of these events are run as a promoter/event organizer (which they do very well) and not as a governing body.

    It’s almost the opposite of when I first started racing with IKF years ago. It was all about the rules and rule book and less about the promotion of the event and sport.  If only there was a happy medium.

    Sorry if this seems out of left field, just a though from reading the above situation and my observations of the event.


    Gary Lawson

    How do the lappers feel when they take out the leader in a big event? If I ever did that I would feel beyond awful and that I should not be on the same race track as those drivers until I improve significantly. These aren’t 1/4 mile circuits. I also don’t respect them more for roughing it out when things are obviously not going their way to the point of being lapped. Show respect for the leaders and pull off. This isn’t NASCAR where you are accumulating valuable points riding around in the back multiple laps down. This is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or single anyone out. It is simply my opinion.


    David Cole

    Taylor, WSK is a promotion company that puts on races. CIK actually hired them to do their events now after nearly putting CIK races ‘out of business’. The difference from the level or racing to this is skill-level. I’ll be addressing that more in my column to be published tomorrow.


    Taylor Young

    I understand that relationship. I think it’s a perfect marriage. CIK is good at rule structure and governing the races, WSK is good at event organization, promotion etc.

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