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    Linda Baldus

    David, I see a discrepancy in the CHonda class from what I’ve been told.  I’m not there so I don’t know, but I was told Kristi Thompson won.  Were there later problems? In trying to compare to see where the discrepancy is you even have names listed in the pre-final that didn’t practice or qualify? I would check w/ my guys but they must all be out preparing for practice.

    Keep on kartin’. llb



    David Cole

    Forum posts are always unofficial. I believe there was a timing issue going on during the Chonda, and they fixed it. Check out the race report, and here are the results I got at the end of the day:

    1. Kristi Thompson +0.171
    2. Nathan Wilkens
    3. Tommy Muth
    4. Gene Mayo
    5. George Hipsher
    6. Bill Choice
    7. Robert Snyder
    8. Mike Lee
    9. Joseph Smith
    10. Eric Meservey


    Linda Baldus

    Looks better. Thanks.


    David Cole

    Here is the order for the day:

    11:30 – TaG Senior
    11:50 – Open
    12:10 – KT100
    12:30 – Stock Honda Heavy
    12:50 – TaG Junior
    1:10 – Chonda
    1:30 – Stock Honda Junior
    1:50 – TaG Cadet
    2:10 – TaG Master
    2:30 – Stock Honda Light


    David Cole

    TaG Senior Final:

    1. Scott Falcone +35.825
    2. Bradley Smith
    3. Ryan Rush
    4. Ronnie Price
    5. Nick Martin
    6. Juan Gomez
    7. Brian LaBarbera
    8. Richie Warren
    9. Conner Clay
    10. Marissa Campbell


    David Cole

    Open Shifter Red Flag, Corner worker hurt but fine. Taking trip to get checked out. Results pending


    David Cole

    KT100 Final

    1. Austin Osborne +31.891
    2. Brandon Pierce
    3. Jamey Brown
    4. Richie Warren
    5. Brekk Harris
    6. John D. Brown
    7. Joe Taylor
    8. Paul Boubel
    9. Jean Brown
    10. Chance Kelly


    David Cole

    Stock Honda Heavy Final:

    1. Chris Jennings +0.384
    2. Brian Fisher
    3. Trevor McAllister
    4. Scott Barnes
    5. Robert Marks
    6. Mike Smith
    7. Mark Reid
    8. Brad Johnson
    9. Darrell Tunnell
    10. Dale Ross


    David Cole

    Was just told Josh Lane was DQ for getting out of his seat during Open Shifter


    David Cole

    TaG Junior Final:

    1. Petr Ptack +6.542
    2. Jesse Woodyard
    3. Juan Gonzalez
    4. Max Hewitt
    5. Ethan Baitup
    6. Garrett Ramirez
    7. Andrew Engberson
    8. Mateo Diaz
    9. Marcellus Dukes
    10. Jarret Voorhies


    David Cole

    Chonda Final:

    1. Tommy Muth +0.912
    2. Joseph Smith
    3. Bill Choice
    4. Nathan Wilkens
    5. Chance Barthold
    6. Kristi Thompson
    7. Robert Snyder
    8. Gene Mayo
    9. Devon Frazier
    10. Robert A Brown III


    David Cole

    Stock Honda Junior Final:

    1. Jesse Woodyard +4.877
    2. Austin Wilkens
    3. Andretta Young
    4. AJ Hayes
    5. Hannah Williams
    6. Colin Long
    7. Harry Gottsacker
    8. Max Hewitt
    9. Evan Roshak
    10. Jack Renaud


    David Cole

    TaG Cadet Final:

    1. Ethan Arndt +2.603
    2. Riley Dickinson
    3. Yusuf Moola
    4. Tyler Orum
    5. Kyle Dickinson
    6. Parker Brown
    7. Brandin Warwas
    8. Cade McKee
    9. John Burke
    10. McKenzie Creswell


    David Cole

    TaG Master Final:

    1. Scott Falcone +38.160
    2. Mathew Souza
    3. Scott Grenier
    4. Kurt Fisher
    5. Paul Jones
    6. Migul Garcia
    7. Tommy Vieth
    8. Michael Rhodes Jr.
    9. Hector Alvarez
    10. Paul Cooper


    David Cole

    Stock Honda Light Final:

    1. Josh Lane +1.403
    2. Jake French
    3. Jack Freese
    4. Connor Wagner
    5. Sabre Cook
    6. Bryce Cornet
    7. Tase Flores
    8. Ben Schermerhorn
    9. Jimmy McNeil
    10. Myles Marolt


    Linda Baldus

    Such a great experience being able to follow the racing from home. Between Race Monitor and Livestream, it was very neat! As I said after tracking the Daytona roadraces, it’s almost as good as being there, and I didn’t miss watching in the rain one bit.


    David Cole

    Thanks Linda. It was a great event, even with the bad weather on Sunday. The racers put on a show all weekend and Lockhart welcomed us with open arms. Looking forward to returning, and possible driving, next year.


    Juan David Gomez

    A little on-board action from the Tag Senior Final:

    Started at the Back due to an engine change after crank bearing failure during morning warm-up.

    ran on the dry set up since I barely had time to change the engine and put on the rains.

    Climbed all the way up to 4th place but for the many spins an 360 finished 6th. had a lot of fun though. :)




    David Cole

    Thanks for the video

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