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    Sebastian Sarmiento



    it may be a dummy question, but Ive heard this before removing front brakes and shifter lever and turning the kart into a tag.

    is that possible??, the are selling a nice tony kart for a good price ( chassis only )and that came across my mind.

    please advice.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )




    There is not such a dumb question, only the question that never gets asked is dumb. lol

    The big question is: Are you gonna be racing this kart at a national level? Club level, or just the weekend warrior and an occasional small club race?


    Most guys used to convert their shifter karts from 125cc to 125cc TAG karts, by removing front brakes, spindles, brake bias, shifter levers, etc. Yes it is doable, as the chassis were built stiffer to endure the max torques and bangs from the 125cc’s


    But once again, the big question is: What are you planning to do with the kart?


    Another thought would be if you don’t have a complete engine package, it could get pretty pricey by the time you’re done piecing it together, rather than just buying a complete TAG package for a decent price?


    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Hi Freddy,

    thanks for your response. At this point a club race would be the most I would do. I don’t think I’m even ready to do that yet because I’m a rookie and before I enter , even to a small club race, would like to get more practice hours on my belt, not only for me, also to be safe around others.

    The reason I’m looking for a chassis is that I do have two complete leopards and one complete Rotax package,  and my top kart chassis is all worn out on the bottom (I bought it for a really low price, and at that moment, I didn’t know if I would like karting or not), I was told that it is ok for practicing, but replace the chassis as you as I can.

    I like Birel, but Tony kart/Kosmik (OTK) seems to be taking over the market and it makes it easier to get parts, even used ones..

    Thanks again. On what part of CA are you located?.

    Thanks for the response!

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )



    Bakersfield CA. 2 hours north of LA

    Tony Karts (OTK} are extremely good, for their softness and flexibility

    Top Karts are also very good, and will endure more torture and crashes

    Birel are also very good and quick, but I hate their banana brake system, one piston mechanically activated.

    Most Italian chasis are really good.



    That Tonykart  may be a good choice for you, depending on how old it is, and make sure it’s never been in any wrecks and repaired. You can ask the seller about the history on the kart.

    The other good thing about it is that you could sell the complete front spindles, brake system on ebay, or here, and make some of your money back. just a thought.


    Rod Hawkins

    “Birel are also very good and quick, but I hate their banana brake system, one piston mechanically activated.”

    Funny the differing views on this. I just went thru hell modifying my otk to use a birel banana brake. The banana brakes suck, unless you like good brakes.


    Sebastian Sarmiento

    You are right Rod, personal experience is totally different sometimes. I think I read you posting about having trouble finding and re-adjusting your braking points with the Birel banana brakes.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )


    Stu Hayner

    I just heard this quote last weekend at the Lancaster Grand Prix.

    “Birel brakes are to stop you – OTK brakes are to slow you down”

    Personally, I like the confidence that I will be able to stop, and train my left foot to modulate so I don’t over slow the kart.

    It’s sort of like the auto manufactures designing cars to push, so some drivers don’t spin out.

    It is all preference.

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