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    bo rougeou

    Does anyone have pix of the Stock Honda 1 final?  Specifically the finish?

    Seems like there were no photographers sharing

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    Brian Wilhelm

    Austin Henry’s wife Jennifer was the photographer for the Road Racing at Daytona. She’s combing through some 9,000 shots she took and will be posting when she has them sorted.

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    bo rougeou


    Does anyone have any pix NOW?

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    David Cole


    For those interested in obtaining individual shots or a cd of the racing events at the respective facilities, here is the contact information for our 2016 Daytona photographers.

    Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series:

    Heather Trull: ttrull@gmail.com

    Dunlop/Xeramic Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting:

    Jennifer Edens Henry: jedens1@cox.net

    Unilli Dirt World Championship”

    Carl Barnes, Double Vision Photography: doublevision137@hotmail.com

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Austin Henry

    Jennifer just launched her site.  Ftbphoto.com.


    Daytona pics are up.

    Austin Henry

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      David Armstrong

      Wow.  Great photos!  Karts are small & Daytona is a big place.  Photos of karts on the banking are spot on.  Nice job.

      Dave Armstrong


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    Austin Henry

    Thank you. I will pass on your kind words.

    Mad with every new venture we are working out some bugs on the site. It will be down for a few Maintenece updates tomorrow.


    I will ill post here when everything is back up and going.

    Austin Henry

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    Site is back up and the pictures are great! Thank you Jennifer for all of your hard work.

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