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    Jim Maier

    Anybody know where I can find a track map/layout for Daytona Man Cup?  I can find a google aerial image, but can’t figure out the configuration.

    Also looking for some input on staying in a RV.  Is it just like any other Man Cup race…register when you pull in, park, run the gen for 3 days..     Or do they have hookups, limited space, etc.  What’s the 411?

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    Patrick Slattery

    They have plenty of RV camping space with water and elect

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    Kerry Matthews

    The RV’s use the Lake Lloyd campground, which has water and electricity.  There is also a truck that comes through every evening to pump out your holding tanks for $35 a shot.  When I was there in 2011, there were approx. 10 or 15 RV’s in the entire campground.

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    TJ Koyen

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    Jim Maier

    Do the RV’s park right by the kart track?  Or do we drop off our trailer by the tracck  then park the RV by the lake?

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    Gary Lawson

    Drop and park if you want to be closer to the grid/track

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