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    Frank Rapisarda

    Has anyone ever cut off the factory seat in favor of a bolt on one that could be placed in a better place to properly in stall a large size seat?

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    Greg Wright

    Never found it necessary, even with an XXL.


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    Frank Rapisarda

    The reason I asked is because I just got a kart that only had like 4 hrs on it and was never raced. I didn’t see it in the pics of the kart because I would never think of someone doing that on a new kart and it’s only a large seat. He put a bolt on frame clamp seat strut and I just don’t know how it will effect the handling. I think the guy should have said something about it, I am not happy and the rest of the kart is in mint condition.

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    Ted Hamilton

    I just bought a kart with the same syndrome, only my previous owner used XL seat so it’s a little more understandable. Anyhow, I’ll be fabricating a replacement and having it welded to the stubs that remain (they’re about 1″ long, so enough to use.) Seems if the Italians have done the R&D to know where to place ’em, I’m not going to 2nd guess ’em. That said, I’m guessing that it would be hard to really tell the difference provided that same degree of flex and stability was attained with the new setup. Leverage point would be different, but it may be simpler to just leave the revised setup… Good luck either way! Mine’s an ’05 Extreme Chassis by Righetti Ridolfi and I’m hoping I can find pics of the right side strut so I can copy it. My guess is that it’s like the left strut, but we’ll see.

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    Troy V Smith

    Not uncommon.  In my experience, typically, the seat strut is not cut off due to the use of a larger seat, it has been removed due to the use an inboard clutch.  Lots of guys are doing that very same thing when utilizing the Euro type chassis in the new LO206 and four stroke motors.  Seems easier to remove the seat strut than to use an entire jackshaft assembly.  Might get with the previous owners to verify this.

    Can’t say either way whether the handling is affected becuse I have no first hand experience with it, but I know a couple of guys which are now using the chassis minus the original seat struts, in Rotax and haven’t heard of any complaints.

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    Kirt Burcroff

    We had a seat strut break on a relatively new CRG KT1 frame las year so we lopped it off, ground down the frame, and replaced it with an after market bolt-on. No noticeble difference in lap times or handling.

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    Gary Lawson

    Argays 4cycle kart is essentially the same design as their 2cycle kart but it has a bolt on strut.  I’ve raced both karts and their isnt a handling difference. Also had a 4cycle thathad the factory strut welded on in place of the bolt on and didnt notice any improvement. Just get a quality bolt on and dont sweat it.

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    Frank Rapisarda

    Thank you guy’s for all the feed back. I can see doing it on a chassis that you are running a 4 stroke motor and you cut off the R/S seat strut, but to cut the L/S off I just couldn’t understand it. I was worried that if I didn’t like this chassis it would be hard to sell because of the strut being cut off. I am going to fabricate a new O.E.M strut to weld back on, but now I don’t feel like I have to rush to get it welded back on. I will try driving it first with the bolt on one that came on the chassis, and pray it is better than my other kart ( 08 road rebel ).

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