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    I finally bought my first shifter kart. It is a 05 crg kali with a CRS motor. Just rebuilt motor since it had sat for a few years. I was curious if anyone knows or has info for a good base carb setup to run. It has the delota (I know spelling is way off lol) carb. The previous owner took all the jets out so I am kinda clueless as what a base setup should be. Any info would be great! Thanks all.


    Broque Ward

    delorto pump and keihn carb? if so, 52 pilot, 180-185 main and a dgh needle-(not sure), air screw 2 1/2 turns out on a 38mm pwm or pwk keihn


    not sure what your settings should be  if its a deloroto carb


    Jason Santander

    this motor is like my bread and butter,

    DP262, cd1 inner or 45 inner/ 45 outter pilot jet, U2 needle, clip on second slot, washer under clip.

    150 main to start, if to rich:  put spacer on top of clip on needle to drop it alittle, 148 main.

    Also, gearing, whatever icc on the track, ask them their gearing, add one tooth to your axle. ex: a tm K9B has 16/24, then you do 16/25. Of all ICC motors, the crs has the biggest primary, small secondary ratio.

    Parts are rare in US, but they still make these motors in Italy, $$$ to get parts. Contact TSR in florida to order your parts.



    Thanks for the info. The guy I bought it from found his settings and this is what he was running.

    U7 needle

    130 main

    45 outer

    45 inner

    60 pilot

    Dp262 atomizer

    I know he was running competitive so it sounds leaned out to me. I’m looking for a more conservitive setup for now. What are your thoughts on that? Also what would be good settings for break in period? Thanks again for your help


    Jason Santander

    You are right, im looking at what i said above and its wrong, i dont even have a 150 main, I was typing with what i remember, Im looking at my notes now…

    Correct, U7 is thicker, leaner needle use that.

    130 is right, you will end up in that jet, BUT start at 140 if your breaking in.

    These motors run small jets/lean  unlike other icc’s.

    50 Slide if you have it. DP262 yes.

    inner if possible do CD1, its basically a bigger holed inner emulsion tube, it will allow you to jet with the 45 outer. 45 inner is good too if you dont have a cd1.

    If track is long and lots of WOT, this inner and outer jet is what you need to richen, so when throttle is closed your lubricating.

    Reeds: make sure upper reed is softer, lower reed is firmer. easy to turn cage around and flip this.







    Donnie Leonard

    Would the tech sav carb setup that Tom Barth uses work on this motor or is this motor the odd ball when compared to other KZ engines.



    thanks for the input jason. I will give it a shot in the coming weeks and see what happens. Good to know these motors run more lean. I would have tending to make it run richer. Thanks again for the advice



    One more question. What kind of spark plug do you run and what gap. The guy gave me NGK iridium br10eg plugs and on the motor says .035 gap. Just curious of your thoughts on that.



    Jason, what’s a good ignition timing for this motor?

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