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    Ted Hamilton

    I’ve been looking around to rebuild my recently acquired ’99 CRG Kali brakes, equipped with the VEN 99 system. After I disassembled the rears, I found the pistons to be corroded, the seals worn a bit, and corrosion and missing plating in the bores… I’ve cleaned up the pistons and bores, but want to replace the seals. The large is 22mm, the small is 19mm. I decided that if I could find cup seals in 3/4″ and 7/8″ they’d work.

    I tried local auto parts stores to no avail. (more on this later…)

    After much searching around, I found that CRGWEST in Canada has a rebuild kit with the pistons and seals for $39. Not bad, but potential customs fees.

    CRG USA has a rebuild kit with O-rings that don’t fit anywhere, springs, cup seals, and pistons for $90.. (!!)

    A notable midwestern kart shop has the seals for $8/ea.

    I was fed up after all this searching, knowing intuitively that 4 simple rubber (dot compliant) seals should be less than $2/ea. So, did some more digging.

    I got in touch with PSL-Ontario who’s kind owner informed me that I wanted seals from a local auto parts store in Imperial units… I agreed, and said I couldn’t find any. He said he’d send me some if I couldn’t find any soon. I got mad at lack of local results and did some more digging.

    What you want is “WHEEL CYLINDER CUP SEALS”. They’re normally used on the pistons for drum brakes. Wagner should have them in various sizes, as does DORMAN.

    For the VEN 99 application, you want (2) 3/4″ cup seals, as used on a 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo (if your local auto parts INSISTS you must look up by car model). You’ll also want (3) 7/8″ cup seals (1970 Ford Pickup?), one for the master cylinder and 2 for the big bores in rear caliper.

    I did finally source them at my local auto parts store once they understood that I was looking for a “WHEEL CYLINDER CUP SEAL”. Total cost? $.30 ea.

    That’s right. The same seal I had to pay anywhere from $8 to $90 to get can be had at your local auto parts store for $.30.

    “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”

    (The other half is keeping Euro brakes bled.)

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    Andrew Pachon

    Now that is sharing some knowledge. Thank you even though I don’t have that braking system.


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    Valentin Yakimenko

    How about a part # on those seals. To make it easier for the rest?

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    Ted Hamilton

    Valentin — when I get the part no.’s, I’ll pass it on – picking them up today.

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    Ted Hamilton

    As promised:
    As per O’Reilly Auto:

    3/4″ – BrakeBest(tm) Brand, part no. WCC4158 – UPC: 726964933719
    7/8″ – BrakeBest(tm) Brand, part no. WCC3023 – UPC: 726964933689

    Comes in boxes of 10. Available individually for around $0.30.

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    Valentin Yakimenko


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    Life Saver. Such a great deal.

    Bought 10 of each size. $5.80
    It would’ve cost $160 for 10 of each otherwise.

    But in reality, I wouldn’t have bought 10 of each.
    Thanks Ted!

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    Ron Artinger

    Now if someone only had this kind of info for V05 calipers…and the master cylinder : )

    CRG must make half their profit form these rebuild kits.


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    Ted Hamilton

    ^^ do the metric to english conversion and go see what your local O’Reilly’s has….this worked for VEN99 because they’re cup seals…if you have the new square O ring seals, you’re probably boned. Sorry! I have since sold the kart these were on, so I have the calipers just sitting here. Plus about 12 brake pads, mostly new. Make offer if interested. They probably need a light touch with reamer from machine shop to restore round and smooth and then the cup seals should work again…


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