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    Josh Brewer

    Does anyone own a CRG karting suit? If so, how do you like it? How is the quality? Is it worth the premium price? I am referring to the suits made by ORG. Thanks

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    David Flori

    I would like to know this also! Are different brands a better comprimise?

    May I also get advice on a thin summer suit please?

    I need a good summer suit, one that doesn’t hold too much Heat, but I am still hoping for something durable enough not wear holes through it like a cheap suit might.

    What should I look at?

    I have a older CRG suit, works great, but it might as well be a Himalayan alpine parka in summer!

    Its thick and keeps me way too warm.

    Would love something with vents in strategic places if possible.

    What should I look at that has these attributes?

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