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    marc walsh

    Ok Im dying to make this work 06 trx450..electric start…..50hp. ….around 80-83 lbs.  Ive seen them on the web so its gata work. However it looks like its a bit of center of the rails ( no engine mount of course) . Im sure if I remove the seat it will fit but thats another topic. Any ideas??  Im sure and can make a mount but being off center has to stress the frame (32mm) and handling.

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    nigel cooper

    Save yourself money,grief and frustration.Sell the engine and buy a CR250 setup.Same power,less weight,smaller engine and kart parts/accessories  are available.Thats my opinion.

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    Larry Stewart

    Yes the 2-stroke guys will tell you to get a cr250.

    I had a crf450 on a Birel chassis. It worked ok until I put lead on it to make weight.  The handling was not a big problem, but it had little brake. The shifter brakes aren’t up to all that mass. They would slow the kart down, but pray that no one spins right in front of you.

    Good luck.

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Yes you can go with a cookie cutter CR250 and blend in, or you can be a little bit different….

    I doubt properly adjusted/working brakes would not be enough, we run a 2 piston front and 4 piston rear Brembo’s on the Cobalt Superkart, 5″ tires might be a limiting factor…..

    Like I said on shifter forum, a CRF250 might be a better fit and also better performance on a sprint track…


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    marc walsh

    Welll I would hope the Ven 5s would be up for the braking challenge. The thing weighs 80 ish lbs and I weigh 210ish. I wondering if the chassis is up to it.

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Make sure the pads are good and the fluid is fresh and bled well, you should have no issues. You might smoke through pads quickly…..


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    Brian Degulis

    The Veno 5 will stop it just fine. Mine is on a DR (same as CRG) with Veno 5. If you lower the conection point on the brake pedal you’ll get more pedal throw and more pressure on the pads and it will stop as quickly or better than most shifters.

    It takes some experimenting to make the whole kart work with that engine but it’s a hell of a ride. No 2 stroke can match the power band and torque of a CRF 450. With sprint track gearing if I’m not carfull I can pull the front wheels off the ground.

    My times on a tight sprint track are better with the CRF than they are with a good stock Honda. You have to drive it diffrently. With the stock honda you can accelerate hard at the apex. With the CRF you need to accelerate moderatly at the apex then hard coming out so you don’t break the rear free. On a big track no 125 anything will touch it.

    I drove a CR 250 one time. There’s a lot more vibration the power band is much shorter and It’s harder to control. I didn’t have time to really learn it but I think the CRF is faster on a sprint track because it’s so much easier to control.


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