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    Larry Andrews

    It’s sort of like Jeff Glover, or something else that’s left over from the early 80s.  At least one of those guys did a stint in cars.  If we’re going back that far to make up fake names, why not steal from Brad Lackey?  That dude was Steve McQueen cool.

    On topic – I think that one of the things that Chris has overlooked is the need to have the ends of the tube cut straight and not at an angle.  A good machinist never questions this and forgets about a guy working on the backporch using a hacksaw to cut tube held between the knees that just ain’t ever gonna get a straight cut.

    Good quality pipe nipples will work in a pinch for tube sections lathe cut to length.   Brass helps to avoid dings on the crank surfaces.  The recommendation to use a bolt with a big washer on the crank side and a nut with a big washer on the clutch side is very good also.  Easy.


    Broque Ward

    Well since my first guess pronounced as “brark” is incorrect, I’m now guessing it’s pronounced as “brock”. Cheers

    coorectamundo Sam! now if I said it it would be pretty hard to spell it.. 🙂



    Chris Reinhardt

    Larry, I don’t think the ends of the tube are that critical, as long as they aren’t 45’s!!!!  The washer will bottom out on the case, if one gets there first, not a big deal, the rest of it will follow.


    Broc, it’s easy to spell, it’s to the left of your pointless bantering…..  🙂

    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products




    Broque Ward

    yep it is, I know your just bein a little kid about spelling it.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)

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