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    Dave Rosenthal

    Greetings all,

    So, the question is simple – should I use a master link on my shifter or not? I WANT TO USE A MASTER LINK, but one of the techs at a very respected Kart dealer told me they can break easily and I should pass on a master link.

    I currently don’t use a master link, and the torque on my shifter makes me wonder if I might have failures – thoughts???

    Thanks for the feedback in advance!

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    Taylor Young

    In 18 years of racing I’ve only heard of 1 chain ever breaking on a shifter kart. It sure is a lot easier using a master link.  Just make sure you always check your chain tension isn’t too loose.

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    Dave Rosenthal

    Thanks for the quick response – this is what I expected but my tech warned me so I figured I would ask. I had another similar thread where we discussed chains and based on feedback I don’t see why I wouldn’t use one. Thanks again. More feedback is welcome, especially if there are concerns :)


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    Glenn L Riggs

    My sons are tuff on equipment so in one year after 2 dnfs because of masters failing, we now have no master links in our chains. I know of people who have no issues but to me isnt worth not finishing. good luck.

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    I have always used master links with ZERO failures in all my years of karting, and would not think about it twice
    Super nice to have the ability to adjust chain leghth if needed when running different gear ratio.

    Just make sure you install it properly with the opening side facing towards the back at the top part of the chain ( away from any possibilities of opening up while rubbing on any parts )

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    James O’Brien

    I’ve always used the master, never broke a 428 chain. Just make sure you are taking good care of your kart and keeping the chain clean and lubed.


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