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    I’m trying to build a 250 sprint kart on A budget . I currently have a 2011 Kosmic lynx and a strong running 1997 CR250. My question Is, can I use a 125 pipe I already have? I was planing on welding the exhaust flange from the 250 pipe onto the 125 pipe. Is this worth It? Or should I just buy a 250 pipe? Wondering how much the performance would suffer ? Thanks in advance for any input on this matter!

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    Ted Hamilton

    250 pipe if you want any real performance. ¬†Pipe volume makes big difference…

    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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    Thanks for your input Ted, I’m gona try and modify the fmf 125 kart pipe I currently have. The volume is very close to the Bills (after market pipe) that came off the cr250. Unfortunately the fmf expansion chamber length I’m using is 14 ” shorter. I’m trying to do this build on a budget so i’m just going to go for it! This could go horribly wrong but worth a shot.. Wlhen i get everything together I’ll post my findings.

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