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    Tahseen Ibrahim

    I’m looking to buy a used kart with a Rotax max engine. I want to race it locally in club races, but also in official Rotax races. Therefore I obviously need a engine with all the updated required parts like the new style clutch, etc. However there are various used engines out there, some completely updated and Rotax Max legal, and some with the older parts.

    I’m trying to find out how much it would cost to have a Rotax with the old style parts updated to be completely Rotax Max legal. That way I can weigh the cost of buying a updated engine upfront or buying an outdated one and then have it modified.

    Also, does the number of things that need to be updated affect the cost? Or will it need to be completely rebuilt either way? I’m still very new to the technical aspects of karting so forgive me if my questions are a bit amateur.


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    Jeff Salak

    If you have an old Rotax engine with zero upgrades. Its not worth it to upgrade in my opinion.
    Old black coil change to new style green coil. $450.00
    Clutch conversion kit with balance gears ect. $500
    2009 or newer cylinder $600-700
    New style air box around $150-175
    With a new cylinder comes the need/cost of a new piston kit $150. Plus the cost of dealer/service center for labor. Clutch being a newbie done by service center. Coil and airbox you could change out.
    Rebuilds are based on hours of use on engine. Rotax Top end about every 20-25 hours and bottom rebuild 40-50 hours of use.

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    Tahseen Ibrahim

    How much would it probably cost to upgrade a Rotax engine that just needs latest style clutch? $500? Or would it be more with labor charge?

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    Jeff Salak

    Actual cost from Comet Kart Shop for conversion kit is $529. You would have to ask your local Rotax service center for a price to install. Here is link to kit from Comet.

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    Tahseen Ibrahim

    Follow up question. If a slightly older Rotax engine was recently fully rebuilt, does that mean the clutch and older parts were updated during the rebuild? Or can it just be rebuilt but with the older parts still intact.

    I’m asking because sometimes I see Rotax’s for sale that were recently rebuilt, and I usually assume that they have all the updated parts due to that. But I’m not sure because I don’t know what a full rebuild even entails in terms of parts being worked on.

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    Tahseen Ibrahim

    What year did the new clutch come out? Would a 2011 or 2010 model engine already come with the newer clutch?

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    Jeff Salak

    2009 new style clutch came out. 2009 and newer Rotax engines will have all the upgrades.

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    Tahseen Ibrahim

    Thank you. I’ve been doing some research and from what I saw, the 2011 models and newer should have the new radiator and airbox too correct?

    And there haven’t been any new updates since the 2011 version from what I saw.

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    tony zambos

    Rebuilding an engine and upgrading the clutch are two separate items.  The engine can be rebuilt using the old clutch, drum and gears.  Visually you tell the old from the new clutch and drum by the clutch drum.  The older drum will have holes in the front face, the newer ones don’t.  The gears should be replaced when the new clutch is installed, but the only way to know is to pull the side cover of the engine.  Below is the old style clutch.

    Take the following link to see a new clutch.http://cometkartsales.com/Clutch-Parts-c-704/


    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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