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    Ambrose Buldo

    I believe my 2007 Intrepid Silverstone (50MM) is underbraked for a TAG Kart (Currently running 100cc). 

    It has a single master Intrepid EVO 3 Brake system (Not the larger EVO3-ET), with single caliper. It uses the postage stamp sized brake pads and floating disk.  These calipers are normally used on the front of kart, my kart has the single caliper on the rear.    

    What you recommend as a good/safe, bolt on cheap alternative.  I don’t want to spend too much as this kart will end up being retired at end of the season.  Was considering an MCP system as they are cheap but think the Metric vs Standard may complicate install. willing to consider a good used bolt-on setup.

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    Greg Wright

    Go with the MCP, Brackets may or may not have to be made but otherwise it’s pretty straight forward and will be an upgrade in braking power to a lot of Euro brake systems. I’ve done several conversions.

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    Jeff Wesell


    I also share Greg’s sentiment on MCP.  We have an new chassis build we are working on here that utilizes metric components like a 50mm rear axle, rear hubs and front hubs/spindles and wheel bolt pattern.  After some research, the MCP system was what we went with.  Been great to work with them and has proven to be a great setup with minimal effort on our end to adapt their existing system and mounting hardware.

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    Brian Degulis

    Definetly MCP they aren’t hard to adapt they aren’t expensive and they work great. If you combine the standard caliper with the small bore master cylinder You’ll have a little more pedal travel but very effective breaking.


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    Chris Reinhardt

    I built an upgrade kit for rear only CRG VEN04 brakes.  It uses two Brembo calipers, and the factory CRG masters….

    Correction, they fit VEN04 brakes….

    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


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    Walt Gifford

    You might want to call Coyote Kart in NY. They make a 50mm kart that uses MCP brakes. They might have a bracket that would bolt right on to your bearing cassette.

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