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    Darren Newport


    I have a 2011/12 Intrepid Cruiser V shifter Chassis and Im looking to switch to TAG this year so what if any are the not so obvious differences between a Shifter and Tag chassis.

    My assumption is just remove front brakes, shifter and clutch controls and swap the axle for an out board sprocket and its good to go, but is the chassis construction different in any way that might adversely affect performance in Tag spec?

    I’ll be running the same Tires (MG Yellow).



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    Juan David Gomez

    The Cruiser is an all 30mm so it would work well for Tag already. just do the changes that you have mentioned and you should be good to go. although you could simply disconnect the front brakes when running tag in order to adhere to the rules. there is no need to get new spindles unless you are worried about the extra weight.


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    milan harris

    Im changing over to a tag since by buddies are going that direction… im wondering if i should keep my shifter chassis which is a real clean swiss toledo or should i go with another chassis for tag… what are the general different? i know brakes in front….


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    Jim Derrig

    The short answer is there are none.  The frames sold for shifters are the same as the ones sold for TaG.  The difference is based on the stuff bolted to the frame.  Besides the obvious difference of the motor, the biggest difference is that shifters alway have front brakes while front brakes are not legal in some TaG racing series.  The rest is pretty much motor-related stuff, e.g., radiator, battery for electric start, axle keyways set up for different sprocket position, etc.

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    milan harris

    ok great, thanks jim!

    that was all i could see wanted to make sure i didnt miss something.
    I love shifting gears and just having fun….all my friends are doing tags so im looking into a change over or just sell and purchase tag… or keep my shifter!!!

    thanks again

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