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    Darren Newport


    I have a 2011/12 Intrepid Cruiser V shifter Chassis and Im looking to switch to TAG this year so what if any are the not so obvious differences between a Shifter and Tag chassis.

    My assumption is just remove front brakes, shifter and clutch controls and swap the axle for an out board sprocket and its good to go, but is the chassis construction different in any way that might adversely affect performance in Tag spec?

    I’ll be running the same Tires (MG Yellow).



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    Peter Zambos

    The Cruiser has been used in both shifter and TAG categories, so the construction is appropriate for both.  Other things to think about: possibly removing the 3rd axle bearing.  You could always try running it loose before taking it all the way out if you’re uncertain.  Also, you could try moving the seat forward a little, as TAG karts don’t need as much weight over the rear axle as a TAG does.

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