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    Scott L

    Parilla IAME Mini Swift 60cc…

    The clutch broke yesterday at the track and now trying to remove…  Problem!

    The 17mm nut came off just fine along with the clutch cage.

    Now the 24mm nut will not come off that holds the actual clutch.  Tried impact first then breaker bar.   Locked the flywheel by the way…

    Finally the 24 mm nut started to turn but is not backing off the crack shaft. It turns but is very hard even though it is “loose”.   appears to be just turning on the crank.    Please tell me these are not reversed/ self tightening nuts!!    What could be the issue???    How to remove??



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    jack lachut

    scott,  I’m not familiar with the mini swift, but I believe that most of the motors built by “iame”  are the outer nut loosens “ccw” while the larger inner nut loosens in the “cw”  rotation.

    ccw = counter clockwise

    cw= clockwise

    hope that helps.




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    Scott L

    John, Thanks!  You are correct!  CW to loosen!


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    Mark Traylor

    I hate to ask but did you ruin your crank?

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    Scott L

    Hi Mark,

    Possibly…  I literally just removed the 24mm nut last night and the threads look slightly damaged.    I want to find the replacement nut (which is not easy) and see if it will even thread on and most importantly hold.

    I am hopeful that the nut has softer threads than the hardened threads of the crankshaft.    I have pics but can not seem to post on here.

    Any suggestions if the crank threads are damaged?  Other than replacement…





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    jack lachut

    scott,  for mini swift parts go to cometkartsales.com.

    look under engines and parts, then 2 cycle engine parts, then iame mini swift parts, then mini swift clutch parts. the nut should be #124 and retail is $9.52.

    everything is categorized by category of engine breakdown.

    hope this helps for future reference.



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    Scott L

    Thanks Jack!


    Ordered the nut from them.  Should know in a few days…

    Fingers crossed!

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