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    i recently acquired a shifter kart from a friend.  I was going through and updating some things.  One of which was a Mychron 4 wheel and gauge.  Once I installed it I came to realize that the clutch lever hits the back of the gauge when you try to engage the clutch. I was looking around the web to see if anyone with a shifter was using a mychron steering wheel. I found a Wildkart clutch lever that looks like it might work.  Just wondering if anyone has this issue and how they went about correcting it.  Thanks in advance




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    Frank Rapisarda

    Hey Mr. Kart 76 do you know what size steering shaft your kart has? If you have a 20mm shaft you should look at getting a new style C.R.G clutch lever set up. The lever is not part of the steering wheel hub and can be moved to any position you like. You may also need to get a new steering wheel hub for a 100cc kart. I can txt you some pics of mine if you want, just give me a number to send them to.

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    Kerry Matthews

    I had this same issue.  I tried to use amy MyChron wheel on a Birel shifter chassis.  I purchased the Wildkart clutch lever and it does NOT work with the MyChron wheel.  In fact, I couldn’t find any set up that allows a MyChron wheel to work on a shifter kart.  Maybe the CRG set up mentioned above might be worth looking into.

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