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    Jeff Salak

    IMO if this race was to ever happen. It needs to be in the months of Nov-March. It steps on to many other series that are going on in the month of July or summer months in general. Attendance still is low in most series. If they loose 25 guys/ 50 entries to a bigger race. That would sink a lot of road race series that are hanging on by a thread right now.
    As much of a good thing it could be. Its effect on your local series could be in total jeopardy.
    An example of this is CES Grattan was scheduled the same day as this race I believe. We loose 50 entries. We wont have road racing in the midwest!


    Mark Robinson

    I was lucky to have been able to drive COTA during practice sessions before my crank broke.  It is so smooth I kept thinking how great it would be in a kart.  I hope karts get to run there.  I think it would be a huge success.  We had 560 entrants and there was plenty of room for everyone and then some.  The COTA folks did a great job too.

    At 10:15  I almost put it in the fence, and yes, I already know I am slow.

    Thanks for your help.


    Ray Chiappe

    I will be going to Laguna Seca in July!!


    Mark Robinson

    <span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>I’ve never been to a kart race and I was wondering.  </span><span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>There are some serious concrete pyramids in the corners and deeply cut rumble strips all over the place at COTA.  Do these features exist in circuits where karts race all the time?  </span>

    Thanks for your help.


    James McMahon

    Jeff the way I see it, if an event is losing 50 entries, cancel the damn race. I know we don’t all have a crystal ball but sometimes you can tell that an event is going to be a fail. Cut the cord.

    IMO, having one annual, “national” road race event that is reasonably organization agnostic is a great thing to have for road racing.
    To be fair, the tentative date for this COTA event was set WELL before any of the regional series’ had their dates locked-in. They had opportunity to work around it if needed.

    In any case, as far as ’14 in concerned it’s all moot clearly this event isnt happening. I would guess it will be a while before the interest diminishes in this venue a little and COTA will then be less selective about their customers.


    Keith Bridgeman

    Start working on this event for 2015. Pick a date late in the year. Texas in July sounds nasty hot. Get a rep from all the main roadracing orgs and put together a plan. Make it a Supernats type event. Anything else sounds half assed.



    James McMahon

    COTA need to come to the table as I understand. Until that happens, COTA is off the cards, but there are lots of other great track 🙂



    This is getting ridiculous. I was posting here back in August and, over half a year later, still nothing from the race organizers or the track?

    The title of this thread should be changed to “Circuit of the Americas 2015” if anything. If we still want to stay in the southern U.S., I’d suggest NOLA.


    Jason Santander


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Viewing 9 posts - 176 through 184 (of 184 total)

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