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    Jeff Wesell

    I’d think yes.   Albeit via Facebook, email, phone…. if Bernie isn’t able to be in communication with at least one person to give some kind of status, why would any club or entity “wait” around?

    It’ll be two months as of tomorrow since we were last told that there was a pending update coming “soon.”

    Maybe the Investigation Team at eKarting News will turn up some DNA.

    Dates. News. Answers.


    Dean Martin

    I just tried to message Bernie through Facebook and he must have hit the unfriend button recently :-(   I miss you Bernie


    George Sunderland

    His last fbook post is something about Harris Teeter trying to poison him with bad chicken.  Maybe somebody off’d him?  I know he had a citizenship hearing delayed due to govt. shutdown.  Somebody could pull him for an inpromptu interview going into the courthouse……


    Kelly Read


    As I posted at the beginning of this discussion, I had talked to Bernie at the beginning a couple of times by phone and e-mails on this event since I am close to where this event was going to happen to discuss us being able to help support the event. Our last conversation was that he was to have a meeting with the COTA officials in August and get back with me but I never heard back.  He knows that we at KART/MARRS would be putting together our 2014 schedule in October and we needed to know before then if this date was happening so we would try and work around it if possible. Since then, I have e-mailed, called and even sent a message on facebook to him and have heard nothing back to this day.

    So as far as KART/MARRS, we have put together our 2014 tenitive schedule (waiting on a confirmation date from 1 track). As anyone who does scheduling for any type event knows, you can’t wait until January to request particular dates. To answer your question, I would if you go ahead and get your schedule together.

    I would LOVE to see one big event where ALL ROAD RACERS from across the USA and those outside the USA to go and have a super event. Place, time & money are big factors to consider rather you are the promoter or just a racer coming to support it. This is tough!!!!




    Austin Garrett

    It’s already been made clear this will be the one and only time karts are allowed to race on cota so why not make it a huge one off event?


    I live a hour hour away from cota and october would be much more preferred to race then mid summer. would love to hear something on this race and think it would be a success if anyone Could bring it to fruition. If there is anything I can do to help living close to the track, just let me know.


    Until then I’m patiently waiting..


    Beck Duggleby

    I don’t know what the heck happened to Bernie but it seems like we’re on our own now. But let’s not scrap the idea just yet (although the actual date is looking pretty flimsy at the moment). Does anyone with a bit of $ want to contribute to making this happen for all of us? 😉


    Austin Garrett

    Honestly, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. We need to get realistic numbers from COTA. Possibly work around their schedule to get a better rate. If we have a comprehensive list of karts and monies for a deposit (give discount to racers sending early deposit) I don’t see why they wouldn’t give it a shot. I’d love to see this race happen As would many others.


    Lyle Clark

    After having driven a kart on the track yesterday at COTA, I think that it would be a blast.

    Ay Stin, I really don’t think you realize how hard it is to put on an event like this. This is a huge and expensive deal, and I can pretty much tell you that tracks like this don’t offer better rates for karts when they can have real race teams come in and pay full price at the drop of a hat.




    John Kuntze

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>ay stin wrote:</div>
    Honestly, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. We need to get realistic numbers from COTA. Possibly work around their schedule to get a better rate. If we have a comprehensive list of karts and monies for a deposit (give discount to racers sending early deposit) I don’t see why they wouldn’t give it a shot. I’d love to see this race happen As would many others.

    Some of us who put on events know taking the money is the easy part it’s all the other work which is a lot that is very time consuming. Tracks like COTA look beyond track rental it’s how much fuel can be sold how much can the snack bar take in how many garages will be rented.  There are no better rates you get told the price and that’s it.


    George Sunderland

    The good news (if there is any) is that road race karting is not the only form of motorsport that is in a world of hurt and struggling for survival.  The money in professional IMSA, IRL and NAPCAR is drying up almost as fast as the fan base and tv ratings.  Hillenberg had a lot of team rental cancellations at Rockingham.  Other venues can’t be much different.  If not already here, the day they have to start dealing at least a little should be soon upon us.  Otherwise they sit completely empty and shutter even sooner.


    Roger Miller

    George, you might think that will happen, and it might in other parts of the country, but out here in Cali it is still real hard to get dates.  I am putting together 2014 schedule and so far only one of my tracks has even offered dates, and they are Fridays….  recall that we cannot possibly do a multi-day event at this time with low number of entries we are still experiencing.  And Fridays are charged at the same rate as Saturday and Sunday….

    And this one track is basically the most expensive venue we operate at outside of Sonoma and Laguna.

    The issue seems to be “non-racing” groups are coming out of the woodwork.  Expensive cars and motorcycles doing lapping days and weekends.

    And the few times we have tried to partner, they try to saddle us with most of the rent cost for less than half of the available time.

    Nothing easy about this yet.




    Robert Lawson

    I have not read every page or post here but it seems this subject was started as a poll. Looking back at the first post it’s clear this was an idea, to find if it has a pulse or not.

    Has 216 people with $600 been found? Did you send the required $300 deposit due by 11-30-13?

    Lets be honest, finding $130,000 (65K per day) to rent a facility in the current condition of Road Race Karting is absurd. It’s just not out there.

    Just the thought of getting out there to some may have blurred their vision. The excitement took over and ran with an “idea”.

    I never saw this as a viable event that would actually happen. Great idea, very ambitious. But, it’s a killer….let excitement and ambition overwhelm your judgment and you’ll never hold another event……anywhere! All or nothing, make or break…..think about it…..130K (plus, plus, plus…..)

    I hope for all of you really wanting this to materialize that you get your wish.

    If it were my a$$ on the line…..It would take a lot of Milk to soften THAT cookie!

    Good Luck,


    PS: Roger, my standing offer from Laguna years ago still stands. PM a contact number, I have questions.


    James McMahon

    Ambitious? Yes! Absurd? Apparently not….


    Mike Arnold

    I think it is very possible with the right promotion and lead time that this event could have.  I could only think of racing at Indy would have the same type of excitement or SKUSA at Vegas.   The event just needs a promoter, whether that is Bernie or if someone else would step or if WKA/IKF would jointly promote it then it could happen.  But if we wait until Feb or later then most people will have committed to other schedules and it won’t have a chance.   The timing has to be right (long lead time….1st race to be planned in a season).  Time is running out!!!




    Todd Kageals

    Well…..since Mike mentioned it.  If COTA is out, what about the F1 road course at Indy??


    Greg Wright

    Well…..since Mike mentioned it. If COTA is out, what about the F1 road course at Indy??


    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, Indy has been approached several times over the last few years and it was NO!  According to some conversations they might listen to the idea of a temporary course for sprinters but no on the full road course. What a shame.


    Debbie Kuntze

    OK group-we are not dead in the water yet for COTA. Action is being taken one step at a time (and at their time frame). We hope to have more information after this week’s Grand Prix as we were put on hold until it is completed, which is understandable that the focus was on the GP. Lack of info has been do to us having lack of info.


    Keep your fingers crossed that info will speed up shortly 😉


    Benn Herr

    From what I’ve heard, the folks at Indy are very touchy about who they let drive over the “Yard Of Bricks”. I guess they have to maintain some of the magic about the place.


    Mike Arnold



    I sure hope we can race the karts at COTA…..your post has given me hope!



    I am not sure about the magic…..They have let every asphalt series race there practically except karts.   They lost their tradition when they let NASCAR race there but I understand why.   I had thought the karts would be able to do the type of race at the beginning of May that they are going to have now with the 2nd Indycar race there on the road course but everyone said the logistics were impossible.   I guess not if they are doing it this year.   You would think with Ed Carpenter as big a karter as he is that karts would not be an issue.   Must be something else?

    Back to COTA and wait for an annoucement!



    Greg Wright

    You would think with Ed Carpenter as big a karter as he is that karts would not be an issue. Must be something else?


    Just as an aside, Ed Carpenter only runs karts once a year. He came up through the Quarter Midget ranks as a youngster.

    Back to COTA discussion.


    James McMahon

    Unsubstantiated rumor….. COTA requested to wait until after USGP to talk to Bernie about USKGP. Well, here we are….watch this space.


    Keith Bridgeman

    So whats the goal of this race if it where to happen? 

    Is it just to race there or to make it a National Super race like it should be?  How is it being presented to COTA and are all the main roadrace orgs represented?

    Also after watching the F1 race it would be very cool to race on this track.  But honestly drafting 15 times per lap doesn’t really do much for me.    These really large tracks like RA are a whole different type of roadracing then the normal +- 1.5 mile tracks.


    Debbie Kuntze

    Goal-to bring karters a once I a life time chance to race at COTA, put on by the USKGP.

    Other organizations are not “represented” except for what you bring to the table, but Bernie does a wonderful job of blending all the groups rules and finding a middle ground so that all can compete in at least 2 classes if not more.

    You can go to the classic forum and check out past USKGP races that were at Miller Motorsports and VIR. 😉  And drafting on a big track takes some fine finesse as I have seen up close many an epic battle.



    johnny brooks

    Keith wrote: “These really large tracks like RA are a whole different type of roadracing then the normal +- 1.5 mile tracks.”

    Where are you road racing that only has tracks around 1.5 miles?

    Here’s the list from WKA, CES, and KART covering the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest:

    Daytona 3.5 mi.
    Carolina Motorsports Park 2.3 mi.
    Grattan Raceway 2 mi.
    Mid-Ohio 2.25 mi.
    VIR 2.25 mi. (North) (Full=3.27 mi.)
    NCCAR, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 2 mi.
    Summit Point 2 mi.
    Blackhawk Farms Raceway 1.9 mi.
    Gingerman Raceway 2.2 mi.
    Hallett 1.8 mi.
    Lake Afton 1.9 mi.
    Lake Garnett 2.7 mi.
    Hastings 2.3 mi.
    Heartland Park 1.8 – 2.5 mi.

    Even the shortest at 1.8 is closer to 2 than 1.5.


    COTA 2014 :)


    Keith Bridgeman

    Ok then 1.8 to 2 miles.    3.5 is much different racing

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