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    Benn Herr

    Just wanted to get this on the forum!


    Debbie Kuntze

    Need to stick the poster on 250’s Tag, Shifter, General and Events!


    Ray Chiappe

    On the old site EKN had a thread “Is our sport in trouble”? Well it looks like we could have the biggest Road Race in quite awhile next summer. To celebrate this race, maybe it is time to bury the Hatchet and let Bernie back on this site??? Just saying!?


    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    Ditto Ray. It’s time Bernie was allowed back. Everyone knows who’s making the posts, so let’s knock off the nonsense. It’s a big effort and risk by Bernie!!
    Rob, David??!!
    Bernie, behave??!!

    Clark Sr.


    johnny brooks

    From the ‘Welcome…’ thread:

    July 17, 2013 at 10:55 pm #3903

    Bernard Adamson

    Good luck with the new look site. Looking really good

    I believe our favorite Leprechaun is already back! 🙂


    Don Johnson


    Welcome back!!

    We enjoy your perspective, your insight, your fervor.

    Please keep it cool, keep your cool, and let’s have some fun. After all, “fun” is why we do this silly stuff.

    Good luck w COTA — I plan to be there w a couple of other laydowns Woodbridge.


    Debbie Kuntze

    I like hearing about laydowns coming! 🙂


    Gino Giannopoulos

    Maybe 3 laydown from Phoenix area. Watch for Benn’s special KD designed Kart!


    Johnny West

    Scotty Joey and I. I think I would be able to get a few other in my truck as well.

    West Racing
    Johnny West


    Chris Hegar

    It’s too bright in here can someone pull down the shade…


    Benn Herr

    It’s not the brightness, it’s the lack of contrast!



    So, a kart race at COTA is, in fact, happening. That’s great news! I still don’t have a kart but expect one Stock Honda entry from the DFW area! 😀

    Also, there are tons of Stock Honda racers, sprint racers by profession, who might be willing to do a road race just this once. Next time I’m at a TX Prokart Challenge race, I’ll spread the word.

    EDIT #1:

    Also, a few questions…

    A: Who (or whom) is/are officially organizing this event?
    B: Is it going to be affiliated with IKF?
    C: Is it another USKGP?
    D: What track layout is going to be used? The 2.2 mile short course is the only variation I can think of other than the original 3.4 mile course.
    E: Is the date set? Because I’d say that July 12-13th could easily be one of the hottest times of the year in one of the hottest places in North America. It isn’t as consistently hot in June or late September.

    Here’s a quote from Wikipedia regarding the Austin heat…

    Austin has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen: Cfa), characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Austin is usually at least partially sunny, receiving nearly 2650 hours, or 60.3% of the possible total, of bright sunshine per year.

    Austin summers are usually hot, with average July and August highs in the high-90s °F (34–36 °C). Highs reach 90 °F (32.2 °C) on 116 days per year, and 100 °F (37.8 °C) on 18.[62] The highest recorded temperature was 112 °F (44 °C) occurring on September 5, 2000 and August 28, 2011.

    …and a link to Austin climate data, also courtesy of Wikipedia.



    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    Bernie Adamson is the guy.  I assume it will be another USKGP—eg:  accept all!!  (a good thing).  Ya’, it’s gona’ be HOT!!  But it’s COTA!  We can do this, bring extra beer!  We’ll be OK!

    Clark Sr.


    Debbie Kuntze



    Not sure if I’m doing this right, but over on eknclassic is the original thread with info that we have for now.



    Thank you, Debbie. That was very helpful. I couldn’t figure out how to get onto the old forum.

    Here’s a few suggestions and thoughts of mine:

    I think it should be top priority to run the full track. Even if you’ve got to pay some extra corner workers, that’s nothing compared to the cost of everything else in the event. Also, if we get an entry list of around 400 (which I personally do not doubt), is there a possibility of extending the weekend into Friday? Some people are coming from very, very far away; it may discourage the international competitors if the event is only two days. I don’t mean to sound greedy, but would Bernie (or Chris) be willing to take that step to rent the track for another day? I’d understand why they wouldn’t want to, and it wouldn’t bother me, but it may bother others. Furthermore, Stock Honda should be separated into two classes: light and heavy. On a technically challenging, ultra-high speed track like Circuit of the Americas, weight is paramount.

    OK, I’ve spouted my overcritical nonsense. 😉

    I’m 100% sure I’ll make it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be racing! I may just watch longingly as a spectator if the finances don’t come through. Stock Honda is my ultimate goal, but Stock Leopard may be the more reasonable choice financially. I’ll be 15 this August, so it’s my dad who is, <ahem>, responsible for making it all happen. Luv ya, Dad! 😆

    Speaking of which, will Stock Honda, TaG Senior, or Stock Leopard be open to 15 year olds? Or will 16 be the limit? If so, I may have to settle for TaG Junior.


    Debbie Kuntze

    And now Beck, you need to be patient for answers to your questions until Bernie has finalized some things. Right now is getting the word out time and for all to start making plans.



    Of course, you’re right, Debbie. It’s not time to make those plans to improve the event already. I’m just a little overexcited! 😆 I’ve been out of karting for about four years and want to get back into it again. Which brings me to this question: I know Mike Wayne (of Australia) has hooked up with Tim Kyser to rent a used kart… is anyone willing to do the same for me? I’m looking for a Stock Honda, preferably Sodi, Birel, CRG, or TonyKart, with minimal wear and minimal damage. How much do people generally charge for that?

    Here’s the Stock Honda grid so far, just off of interest I’ve pulled of the EKN classic forum:

    1. Jimmy McNeil
    2. Randy Pierson
    3. Clark Gaynor Jr
    4. Joseph Hollinger
    5. Jeff DeMello
    6. Juan Jaramillo
    7. Kerry Matthews
    8. Todd Kageals
    9. Bill Pyles
    10. Mark Nagy
    11. Rodney Davies
    12. Jason Campbell
    13. Shawn Warner
    14. Rich Stokes
    15. Chris Hegar
    16. Hegar #2
    17. Hegar #3
    18. Hegar #4
    19. Maybe Hegar #5?? :lol
    20. Rob Miller
    21. Bill Cox
    22. Tyrone Johnson
    23. Stephen Lamana
    24. Nicholas McClure
    25. Sam Zavaglia?
    26. Mike Wayne?
    27. Ray Chiappe
    28. Beck Duggleby

    I don’t know whether Jason Santander runs Stock Honda or not…


    Bob Baldwin

    Beck / Debbie K. :

    Beck does bring up a point about International Participation . from past contacts already I have received inquiries about this event . I had heard from Brazil , south africa , Asia ‘ Maylasia and even  Russia . I sent a response back that Bernie was meeting with the COTA people in August and would be making a Major Announcement after that . This truly could turn into quite the International Event of the year . Now since the GREEN ONE does NOT want me at his events “SEVERE CASE OF POLITICAL DIFFERENCES ” I have the contact information if anyone wants to send it out to them . Let me know either PM or e-mail me  . I wish everyone the BEST and hope the event comes off as a Real Success . USA Kart Road Racing NEEDS an event of this magnitude as a shot in the arm . AND YES DEBBIE LAYDOWNS RULE !


    Bernard Adamson

    I just shake my head ….

    Clark, ..looking forward to beating you at the weekend 🙂

    Ray, Johnny, Don….Im chill….

    Beck, try and be patient.

    And just as a fyi Beck that’s nowhere near the size of what the Stock Honda grid will be, you are missing about another 50 or so people.

    Bob, I thank you for your past help but under NO circumstances are you to make any calls, send any literature or pertain to represent USKGP in any way shape or form…Zero, Zipo, Nada, Squilch, Diddly, Comprendo ?

    My email is tprbsqn@gmail.com or pass along to Debbie.

    Thank you all.




    Bruce Peck

    (For the Laydown folks . . . )  I posted this on the old forum in this thread and really didn’t get too much response but thought I’d post it again just in case.  I gotta tell you, I’d really like to go run this track, but I don’t want it to be like the 2009 Miller race again.  If there is not a laydown class that looks like it will be a fairly large grid, I won’t bother and I’ve talked to others who feel the same.  It’s going to take us, the racers, to get together and make it happen and to do that, many of us will have to step away from our “it must be MY class” mentality.  I’m one of them.   If it’s not the class I suggest below, name another one.  I really don’t care.

    Here is what I posted . . .


    I have a suggestion for the laydown guys and gals. (I’ll get to the suggestion in a minute . . . )

    I went to the first Miller/Utah race in 2009. Planned for it a year in advance. I brought two of only about a dozen or so laydowns. Lots of karts there but very few laydowns. Even so it was an awesome trip (from Indy) and event, wonderful track and facility, got to meet lots of great people, and I have a lot of great memories from it. I turned it into somewhat of a vacation . . . . Leading up to this Miller event I talked to many laydown people that said they weren’t going because they didn’t believe there would be many laydowns there. Of course, you get much of that and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. COTA will likely be the same unless the dwindling number of laydown drivers out there get together and figure out a way to get enough people there to make it worthwhile.

    How about this? How about we get together here or elsewhere and decide on a class to target for this event as the “big one”? I suggest we target a class that I think many if not most laydown folks could do even if it is not currently their primary class – Yamaha Pipe.  I’m not talking about the F-125 or 80cc shifter guys – once those karts are set up they’re pretty much fixed. I’m talking about the guy that is running Yamaha Sportsman or some other piston port or 100cc Controlled with a Reed Jet or whatever. Most of those folks that are not running a KT right now probably have one on the shelf or can borrow one. If we could get twenty people to commit to that then you’ve got a pretty good grid (really good these days!) that then would get others interested and maybe we can get the grid up to thirty . . . or more. If you want to switch to a Sportsman pipe for another race later in the day like Chris said, great, do it.

    This will take some people stepping up to put their normal preferences aside. I’m one of them. I’ve got Yamahas, but don’t normally run them these days. But I will for this event and can probably bring one more driver/kart to do the same. There you go. There’s my two. Chris Larson has already said he is in. Who else?


    Debbie Kuntze


    Well if you and the others you talked to-come-the field just grows 😉



    Bruce Peck

    <<Debbie Kuntze Participant:  Bruce – Well if you and the others you talked to-come-the field just grows ;-)>>

    I hear ya.  Would just like to see it grow a bit more (meaning confirmed, people coming out and saying “yes, I’m in”) before really committing to that drive.  Of course it would be worth it anyway to have you flagging the races and hearing Bernie tell us to “piss off” at the drivers meeting . . . 😉


    George Sunderland

    This is already causing a huge stir and certianly has potenital to be biggest US karting event since the 1983 King of Karting Expo in Charlotte during which Pruett won everything from enduro to sprint to dirt.  With such an advance notice, we should all work to eliminate any and all potenital excuses for no-shows.  This includes pooling to arrange truck transportation from the East and West  Coasts.   Nowadays, with the economy and demands on our time, most eveyrone is in a position where they have to pick and choose a select few events.  This would have to rank up top for most.  Of course with the cost and logitics involved,  folks like myself will have to start saving and plan now.


    Bruce:  This course looks like it was made for laydowns which we all know are the coolest among karts.  I would bring my B-stock/C-open as well as our 250 and RWYB laydown  Gibson karts.  I have several single enduros I could also bring but only engines I have a vintage TT25s.   I would enterntain someone lending me a Yammi engine package in exchange for a ride in a 250 single.  The vmore entires the more fun this will be for all.


    Debbie Kuntze


    We have always had a differnt mind set in the West, espeically since mid 90’s when things started swinging more to sit ups due to all the sprint tracks within a 1/2 hour of everyone’s home that popped up everywhere. Laydown die hards -just showed up and raced, sometimes even by themselves against themselves. Heaven knows I did that a few times. My last race I was only piston port laydown, but I went out to race against my previous time-beat it and ended up 2nd overall (behind hubby John running a controller) and I STILL grin about it!

    I don’t get to race a COTA as someone has to keep all the dedicated racers safe 🙂 but you can bet your guns I will beg, borrow or steal a kart (preferably a laydown) and do at least one lap! Then I get to say I have been on this track. If you stay home-you will not get to say that 😉


    Cliff Brannon

    as I said in the old site, i race controlled but will bring whatever it takes to make this a success for the laydowns.  I’m sure I can get a Yamaha in time.


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