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    Dustin McGrew

    I am going into my first karting season and in the process of buying everything I’ll need. I will be running a KT100 with pipe exhaust. I’ve heard that o-ring chains last longer but they can hurt power a little bit. I will be going into this season probably about 20-30 lbs over minimum weight. Would it be worth it for me to go with a non o-ring chain? Or is the difference really not that noticeable?

    For chain lube, what is the best brand to get? I’ve heard tri-flow is good. They sell it in an aerosol can and also in a drip bottle. What would be the best type to get?

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Dustin, do a search through the classic forum, there’s tons of info. You’ll find if you ask 10 people what’s the best chain lube, you’ll get 10 answers…


    Chris Reinhardt

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    Greg Wright

    O-ring chain is not needed on a KT100, Tri-Flow is a very poor chain lube and not intended for that usage. Try Xeramic.

    Greg Wright
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