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    Bob Spedding

    Hey guys, I wanted to revisit this subject as I can’t find any Xeramic in the US. To expensive to ship from outside the US. Going through CometkartSales it looks like their top two are either:  Motul Chain Lube Spray or Blendzall 500 chain lube spray.  Am I ok buying one of these two? The Tri-Flo says its not recommended for chains.  https://cometkartsales.com/Chain-Lube
    Is one of these better than the other??  Or if someone can point me to the Xeramic in the US that would be great.
    Thanks guys!

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    Greg Wright

    I have Xeramic in stock.

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    TJ Koyen

    Bel-Ray or Motul would be my next choices after Xeramic.

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    Jason Bane

    Xeramic has the best nozzle I have ever used, really allows you to get it exactly where needed with little waste. BelRay superclean is good stuff and can usually be found local at cycle dealers.

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    Brock Weiss

    I just bought two cans from Frankinkart.com two days ago and they also have them in stock

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