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    Keith Bridgeman

    Was the TAG races a Rotax Max Challence series race.  Wow.

    Great shifter counts, wish that could happen at all the rounds.



    Joe Ruch

    The shifter race Sunday was the most fun I’ve had in a long time in a kart. Other than mechanical issues on Saturday it was an awesome weekend. Looking forward to Gingerman. I have the whole shifter final on my GoPro I’ll have to edit it down a bit and I’ll try to get it up on YouTube as soon as I can.




    Peter Zambos

    I got a lot of positive feedback from both newcomers and vets this past weekend.  Through mixed results and a harried moment, I still had an excellent time.  I’d like to thank all those who worked so hard to get us to and keep us at facilities like BFR, among those the staff at CES, the board of RVKC and our sponsors R.A. Adams, GPI, Briggs and Stratton and others.  Though I’m sure they don’t read this forum, I’d also like to thank Tom, the corner workers and the rest of the staff at BFR.  They keep BFR not just a place that I like to race, but a place that I NEED to race.

    All gushing aside, I would like to mention that, though most of us were well-behaved, there were a number of pit spaces that could have been cleaned up a lot better, and I even had to dig a set of MGs out of the trash.  Remember folks, if the track finds the tires, CES gets fined and the cost gets passed along to the racers.  Let’s all work together to make sure that we continue to have many more weekends that were as fun as last weekend.



    Glen Critchett

    First time to BFR in over 20yrs – Wow. Track is good, the event was well run, the racing was intense, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL – take a bow CES/RVKC. Great job by all involved – I will be coming back for sure.  See you all at Gingerman!


    George Argiris

    Glen – thanks for making the trip – it was nice to see the support – like I have said before

    “One of the best tracks in the mid-west. Some of the best racers. Guaranteed to have fun. Always someone to race with. Great people”

    Look forward in seeing you at Gingerman –

    Last weekend had a ton of karts – we had over 25 in both TAG classes – shifters were way up over 30 maybe even over 40

    Guys – Bring it back to Gingerman

    Glen – send me a PM with your email so I can send you a link to a video of our races…  Did you have your camera on..


    Morgan Schuler

    I’ll pile on too. First time road racing and I had a blast! Most fun I’ve had in a kart in a long time! If you’ve never road raced you owe it to yourself to try it atleast one time. From my perspective it was way more laid back than a sprint race…with racing just as good if not better. Thanks to CES and BFR, I’ll be back for sure.


    Jeff Salak

    Morgan nice to hear! Wish more sprint racers would give it a go like yourself!
    Hope to see you out at Gingerman, this series needs all the support we can get.

    We the racers pay the bill, if we dont come the bills cant be paid and we wont have the chance to run these tracks anymore.

Viewing 7 posts - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)

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