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    Willy Renella

    Hey Guys, I have a little situation that I’m hopping someone can help me on . I have a friend who’s son has Cerebral Palsey. He is pretty well functioning for someone with this condition. He is 17yrs old, he can speak and communicate well but does not have much function in his legs. My friends are looking for a GoKart place that may have Karts that could be operated with hands or arms alone. He is a good kid, all my friends want is to help him  feel more “normal” by doing things that other kids can do. I have called a few go-kart places around the Orlando area came up empty. The only option given was a race where him and his group could be the only ones on the track  outside normal hours so they can clear the track for him. They dont need to be racing Karts or anything crazy, they just want to give him more control. They live in Ocala FL, but are open to travel all over Florida, any ideas guys?




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    Walt Gifford

    I’ve seen karts set up with hand controls and stuff to keep legs in place for paraplegics but cerebral palsey I don’t know, a spasm at the wrong moment could be life threatening.


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      Ray Mcik

       Hi Willy ,

      Just seen your post, We have a Guy that races at OVKA that owns Full Throttle Karting in Cincinnati, Ohio Aaron Banfield  . He has set up a rental kart with hand controls for those with physical limitations .  Feel free to give them a call, They have done the homework on providing a kart that is safe, maybe your local track will be interested in setting one up for your kids and others ,  Here is a quote from their web page https://www.gofullthrottle.com/go-racing/karts/

      Hand Control Kart
      Our latest addition to the fleet of go-karts is far and away the coolest one we’ve delivered yet. Introducing the #99 hand control kart! Developed hand-in-hand with help from the Racing 4 Vets program and Mobility Works, we’re proud to offer a karting opportunity to people with disabilities. And yes, this kart is every bit as fast as our standard adult karts, tearing through corners at speeds up to 40mph! Looking for more information? Give us a call at 513-34-5278!




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    David Cole

    Rental karts would be the only option I assume, and I’m not sure of any that are hand controlled. Another option is a two-seater kart, where someone drives and he sits in and rides.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Willy Renella

    yeah the 2 seater would be an option, but we both know, being in the passenger seat is not the same as being a driver. Thank you Walk and David for your contribution, in ME I know that it will be difficult to have him be in the driver seat, but i have to try. Anyone else?

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    There are a few things you can do, to set up a kart for him, but the big question is: How fast are his reflexes, reaction time, Is he pretty sharp and aware, quick to react? I know that his legs are not functional as you stated above, but it is extremely important to know his sharpness to be able to judge if he can drive or not.

    It is a big deal and a safety issue, you really don’t want him getting hurt or others.


    Now moving on to the options hoping that he is capable and able to control the kart and speeds.

    There was a video posted here sometime last year, and I’m pretty sure it’s on youtube.com, in fact he posted a few videos, step by step, showing how to build all the linkages for hand controls, he also built a crane to help him pick himself up and drop back inside his kart. He had no use of his legs at all.

    Please understand that I don’t have a lot of info about this kid, and I can only give you a few pointers, based on the info you gave us, but if everything looks good, and he can do it, then there are a few options and yes, it is very possible to get him to drive and have fun like a normal kid would.

    Please give us more info. Here’s a video


    Hope this helps.


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    Mike Lyda

    My son was born with Cerebral Palsy, and was in therapy to do simple things like jump, walk up stairs, etc at the age of 5 when he begged us to drive a little rental kart.  We were very hesitant to let him drive but he was a huge racing fan and wanted to get on a track.  Here’s his first time in a kart back in 2008:

    He spent a few years in rental karts, did a couple of indoor karting camps, and then raced indoors and won a championship.   With a lot of concern on our part we let him try outdoor karting.  He did well enough by himself at outdoor karting speed that we let him race Rotax minimax and he is now racing Yamaha Junior at the USPKS level.  Karting has been awesome “therapy” and has been a huge boost to his self confidence.

    Here’s his Facebook page with recent photos, videos, etc:  https://www.facebook.com/emorylydaracing

    Kids with CP can gain muscle control from things like swimming, riding horses, and even karting and if they find something that they can do where the CP doesn’t limit them then it can help their whole attitude on life.  If you can get him in a kart and he does ok then it might just change his life.

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    Dan Breuer

    I have to chime in from the outside, having watched Emory race over the last couple of years-proof that we can rise above any ‘limits’ that are placed on us. Not only one of the smartest young men I have met, he is a top notch driver. For those who are a little reluctant to give someone with a ‘disability’ a chance, watch out-they’ll be driving around you soon enough! (I know I am personally tired of seeing the back of Emory’s kart!)

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    Jay Sinon

    I totally agree. Emory is awesome! The only Yamaha in the karting challenge to finish the race in the rain last weekend on slicks, everybody else either came in because they couldn’t run on slicks or crashed he just kept going like he was on rain tires. He is a awesome kid on and off the track.

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    Jay Sinon

    I knew I remembered reading something on karts with hand controls put hand controls in the search bar and it comes up with a T4 paraplegic that built a kart like you might need. Its A great article with videos.

    TaG Sr.

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    Willy Renella

    Wow so much inspiration ,thank you so much guys! Awesome story Mike, I know you are a very proud father , I would love too see Emory live, do you guys ever come to FL to race? lol, thank you so much again , i have forward this page to my friends.

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    Willy Renella

    Thanks guys for the input, i love this community , thank you all for making it special!

    BC Racing NA

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