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    Jeremy Ellison

    What’s the best way to clean carbon buildup off a 2 stroke when rebuilding?

    I’m rebuilding my KT-100 and the buildup on the exhaust port came off with a little sea foam and some light brushing (synthetic bristles, not wire). The same did not work for the buildup on the head. I even soaked it overnight to no avail.

    Tips appreciated. Thanks!


    John Crider

    The easiest way is if You have a lathe or a big drill press is to get a head holding fixture that screws in the spark plug hole and the spin the head and clean it with scotch bright and carb spray. You clean it and give it a good polishing at the same time. If You don’t have a way to spin it then use carb spray and scotch bright. And wear eye protection, Carb spray burns if it gets in Your eyes.


    Walt Gifford

    DO NOT spin a head in the drill press. There is a good chance it will come flying out. Those chucks are held in with a taper not good at taking side loads or vibrations of any kind.

    You can scrape the carbon off with a small pen knife, just don’t dig in too hard or you’ll scratch the aluminum.



    Jeremy Ellison

    Thanks Gif, you may have saved me from serious injury :). I see why people run synthetics now…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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