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    Greg Lindahl

    I like the “handicap” approach.  We did this a few times when there were still large turnouts and had fun and tight races.  I have two karts that fall out of the “Championship RR” classes, but would enjoy racing with the mixed and larger group of people in a “handicap” race.  But, I think that a 1-2 second faster cushion to cover drafting would be a good idea, with a 1-4 second faster cushion for new karters.


    Ron Lax

    I wonder how many regions or clubs are racing on free facilities????    Track rental is the 800lb gorilla….   K.A.R.T. is in a very unique position to use Lake Afton and Garnett for almost free.  Putting on any race costs  money… But, the overwhelming expense is track rental.   The gross entry proceeds can be banked to use to rent tracks like Topeka with some financial success.

    How many ,if any, clubs have this luxury??

    Track rental is the killer…..


    Larry Dobbs

    Here’s where Roadracing on the West Coast is heading:

    Video preview of West Coast Superkart Schedule including Northern California Karters races and Portland Karting Association races.


    <span style=”color: #003399;”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myf6dUf1jxc</span&gt;


    Steve Rogers

    Why not combine a lot of the 125cc shifter classes into just a few classes? Right now it looks like we’ve got

    1. Formula 125 Ltd Heavy

    2. Sprint Stock 125

    3. Super Stock CR125

    4. Formula 125 Ltd

    5. Super Stock CR125 Heavy

    6. Formula 125

    7. W/C Sprint Stock 125

    8. W/C Super Stock CR125

    just glancing at the points sheet from a recent race in the Pacific NW. I’m not very familiar with the CR125 kart classes yet and don’t know the difference but do we really need 8 classes for the same engine? To my untrained eye the only significant difference I ever saw apart from weight was some had a big fairing and some had a normal fairing. Are there other prohibitively expensive differences between the classes that would make some racers stop racing if their particular class was dropped or merged with another?


    Greg Lindahl

    Good point Steve.  The names came about when more races were needed to support a class that was/is very popular.  Maybe one name with weight differences, as has been done in the past…  Example:  Stock Honda 125 Lt., Med., and Hvy.


    David Cole

    That was always one of the things I wondered about IKF Road Racing when I started covering the Nationals in 2008. Why so many with weird names. Nothing was ever changed. I think a simple structure would be better.

    Open Shifter – set a weight for Stock Honda as well.
    Stock Honda Light
    Stock Honda Heavy

    Simple and easy.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    Jim White

    There is really only 4 groups. The other 4 were created to allow a second entry at each event. Instead of racing once you got to race twice in 2 different classes. For example Superstock CR125 is the same Group as W/C superstock. It’s just there second entry.

    Another example would be Yamaha Light and Yamaha heavy. Same guys race in both.

    Could the 4 125 groups be whittled down some? I would think so but that would be up to the racers in those classes to figure out how without chasing people off. Aside from the fairing the biggest difference is the Formula classes allow ICC’s and modified 125’s while the CR125 classes are more “spec”


    Larry Dobbs

    Before you can know where it is going, you need to know where it came from. . . . . I will not try to explain it here, but I will suggest you look in the archives on ekarting and at our website http://www.nckroadracing.com

    Click on all the tabs on the left and you will learn alot about our club.  Also, every board member will reply if you have questions or just want to talk about roadracing; there info is under one of the tabs on the left as well.  Looking forward to a great year of racing in 2014.  Check out our schedule, yes, under another tab on the left side of our web site;)

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