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    Bill Schmidt

    What numbers should we have for front end camber on our solo shifters? I have one wheel that is about 3 degrees neg and the other is neutral. Obviously not a good setup.


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    Joe Ricard

    Well yea that’s not good.   3 neg is probably too much.   0 might not be enough unless it changes with you in the seat at which time it is perfect @ -1 with driver.


    Possibly you have a bent C or rhe hole is wallered out and you nee to fill weld and re-drill for the bottom pill.


    Is this the same chassis you had in 2010?

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    Bill Schmidt

    Same 20 year old chassis and same 25 year old engine. My kart doesnt have the “pill” set up. I assume mine is adjusted by bending. Which is more likely to have bent? The “C” part of the frame, or the spindle itself?

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    Alan Sheidler

    Spindle.  From the age of your kart, spindles are probably (like mine) 17mm.  They can bend.

    Unlikely that the chassis itself is bent, unless it has hit something.  Not likely, but still possible.

    Also, the kingpin bolts do bend often.  Make sure they are also straight.

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    Bill Schmidt

    Well, my kart is a 1995 Trackmagic. It was made way back when they were an American made kart. Everything on the kart is non-metric, except the drivetrain. Spindles are 5/8″ and kingpin bolts are 3/8″. This is all still a work in progress deal, as I have been busy as hell lately. Thanks for the help.

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