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    I have a 5.2 115 pound 10yr old boy. Does anyone else have a kid around this size driving? What kart do you have and do you get close to the 240 minimum weight?

    I have been wanting to compare karts without engine weights from different manufacturers and can’t find any thing. Man that lack of information in this age of the internet is sad. :{

    (I’m not going to limit my kids diet, Very active in sports year round)

    Thanks for any other advise.



    Christian Fox

    A cadet kart with a 60cc motor (Swift, Rok) weighs around 140lbs, so at 115lbs. you guys will be a fair bit overweight. You can run without kart graphics and save a couple of pounds, but other than that not much you can do.

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    Dom Callan

    Do they make smaller gas tanks for cadet karts? I know a guy who did that on his adult kart to save a few pounds.

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