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    Kenneth Culver

    Does anyone have a good source for one of these tools such as harbor freight, or something similar?  Is the $50 tool from birel my only option?

    Thanks in advance!




    I’m having a hard time understanding

    What tool are you talking about?

    Any pictures, please?


    Kenneth Culver

    They are like a much smaller version of a older ford 4 wheel drive spindle socket.


    They remove the nut which holds the wheel hub on.  I can’t get this picture to load. Here is a link







    I see what you mean, Thanks for the pic

    Honestly I do think the tool is worth the money, for the time it takes to get built

    I do not like that spindle system, while every other manufacture uses the typical nut and safety pin.

    But If you’re handy, and would like to build your own tool, then you can build it for real cheap.

    Just get the correct pipe diameter, put it over the special spindle nut, mark it with a sharpie, and grind off all the unnecessary metal off the pipe, saving only the teeth you need at the correct highth, drill a hole across the top through the pipe to stick a rod for the handle.

    Or you can be lazy like me and just weld a rod across the top, and get it over with.

    Anyhow, these are my 2 cents, if you are handy and good with tools

    In my opinion this would be the cheapest alternative. Fast Freddy. 😉



    Stu Hayner


    I have a few extra tools I can ship you and save you a few dollars. They are new.

    Text or call me at 714 305-6123 if interested.



    Kenneth Culver


    Thank you for your offer, however I already went ahead and ordered a new one this morning.  After Freddy’s comments I realized that I could either spend two – three hours running around town trying to find and fabricate a pipe that kind of works or I could focus on my day job for two -three hours and earn enough money to buy the right tool.

    Thank you for the offer!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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