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    Jason Berry

    Birel RY30 Chassis 50mm 08/09 HOMO 25/CH/14 2
    Birel R30 Chassis 40mm 08/09 No Tags 1
    HPV 4 Complete with mount, pipe, and carb 1
    New, front set YJP (rain tires) 1
    Pair, Hub 50mm x 115mm – Freeline – Gold – 1
    Pair, Hub 50mm x 95mm – Freeline – Blue – floating collar 1
    Pair, Hub 25mm – Freeline – Blue – Spindle mount 1
    Pair, Freeline 10D Front Spindles & Hub – 17mm 1
    Pair, Freeline Front Spindles – 25mm – replaceable stub axle 1
    Pair, Freeline 50mm bearing carrier and bearing 2
    Various torsion bars, Front Couple of sets
    Various torsion bars, side Couple of sets
    Steering Hub 4
    Axle Collar , 50mm 8
    Pair,RY30 rear bumper stays 1
    Pair, Hub 40mm x 115mm, Black 1
    Pair, Hub 40mm X 75mm, Gold 1
    Set, Freeline Rims, front hub mount, rear hub mount (1rim damaged) 1
    Pair, Freeline Rim, 17mm front spindle mount, gold 2
    Pair, Freeline Rim, 17mm front spindle mount, Chrome 1
    Pair, Douglas Magnesium, 17mm front spindle mount, Black 1
    Complete Freeline Rear Brake System. Master Cylinder, brake lines, rear caliper, pads, rotor, and carrier. 1
    Freeline Axle, 50mm, various types 5
    Freeline Axle, 40mm 2
    Air Gauge, Righetti Ridolfi 1
    Air Boxes Various types 4
    Steering wheel 2
    Weights Couple of sets
    Extra Plastic, Bumpers and Side Pods
    Alignment Plates 1
    Kart Stands 2
    Starter for HPV 1
    Sprockets and chains Many
    MyChron 4 1
    Various miscellaneous parts not listed.

    Photos can be found here — https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.411769475594950.1073741825.264819480289951&type=1&l=f3ba8ab4f9



    Any interest in selling a few pieces separately?


    Jason Berry

    At this time I am selling everything as a complete package. If you want to PM a list of specific items, I will keep you up dated on the package if I decide to separate.


    Jason Berry


    Jason Berry



    Please tell me how to get in touch with you or you can reach me at wlpkjp@gmail.com or 941-812-8281 Thanks Bill


    Jason Berry
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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