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    Rod Balding

    Hi All,

    I was wondering which was the best year of the Honda CR-80 motor is the best (power , reliability , parts supply etc.) I am not new to karting , but acquired a shifter kart with a 1985 Honda CR-80 ATAK motor  on it (nothing like the dual TT-25’s I ran in the late ’80’s) but still a blast to take to the track  on open practice days , the wife has claimed this kart and I have an Intrepid Silverstone shifter that I am looking to put another CR-80 on for me and like I mentioned , what year was the best to get , keeping it bone stock other than the pipe and pump-around Swedtech carb , all and any info would be very helpful .



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    Rod Balding

    Anyone !!!!!!!

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    Charles Skowron

    There really isn’t any ideal year for the CR80 because, from what I’ve read here before the engine went virtually unchanged from 1986-2003.

    If that’s true, I’m guessing the reason for this was because, since the 80cc dirtbikes never competed in the professional ranks like the 125s and 250s (and subsequently, never in the media spotlight like the others), there was never a need to constantly update the 80 in order to stay competitive with rival brands, unlike their big brothers.

    Now, whether the post-2003 CR85s are a significant advantage over the older CR80s, I have no idea. You’d have to refer to an expert who worked on these motors like Woltjer.

    I’ve mentioned this many times before on the old site, I’ll never understand why they didn’t push for a stock, or near-stock in this case, 80 shifter class in addition to the 125s; something like that makes a lot more sense to me.


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    Rod Balding

    Thanks Charles , that helps a bunch .



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    Charles Skowron

    One thing I forgot to mention. The Cr80 is viewed by many as a great motor but it does have an Achiles’ Heel: the stock 3rd gear inside the transmission. It has a reputation for failing, so if you source the Cr80 from a bike, they recommend swapping the stock gear with an aftermarket one.


    Chuck Skowron


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    William Martin

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Charles Skowron wrote:</div>
    There really isn’t any ideal year for the CR80 because, from what I’ve read here before the engine went virtually unchanged from 1986-2003. If that’s true,



    Not true…1986 thru about 1999 had smaller transfer ports than the 2000-up models. Oddly, the pre-1986 engines also had the bigger transfer ports.

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    shaun s noll

    certainly upgrade the gear, i blew one up in a bottom end i ran and it ruined the entire bottom end costing way more than the gear would have.  the kart tires have way more grip than stock dirtbike so it’s require imo.

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