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    Mike Kettmann

    Any Thoughts ?

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    Steen Carstensen

    Personally I like the TM, but any of the top brands will do very well. Another thing to consider is what is serviced in your area, it’s very handy to have a dealer near by.

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    Eric Riggs

    I was going through the same dilemma a month ago and I completely agree with what Steen said.  If you look at the results of the CIK Winter Cup in Italy, just a week ago or so , there wasn’t a dominate engine.  Vortex, TM, Modena, and Maxter all had good lap times.

    You have to look at part availability, prices for replacement parts, and support. One might be a little better at smaller tracks and one a little better at long tracks but I wouldn’t expect one to dominate in all situations.

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