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    Walt Gifford

    Was looking at a real nice kart track in Thailand http://www.bangkok.com/pattaya/activities/go-karting.htm and it made me wonder where are the most beautiful kart tracks in the USA.

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    Dan Schlosser

    I don’t think there are many better looking tracks than Ocala. Not the most technical, not the best facilities or anything like that. But the track itself is like a cool little park – I’ve thought that if i ever get back to running a track, I’d like it to look like that.

    The best overall facility though that I’ve been to in the US hands down is GoPro. Professional from top to bottom.

    That said, there are some great looking tracks in Canada and the western US that are on my list to still visit….

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    Patrick Cecilian

    Boston F1 looks pretty nice!

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    Italy is famous for having top quality kart tracks.  One such track is the South Garda Circuit which is a CIK-approved track.


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    Paul Hir

    Beaverun/PRK greatly improved the facilities in the last 2 years. Not only the kart track but the entire complex.

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    Scott Sigafoos, Jr.

    I don’t mean to turn this into another shooting match, buuuuuuttttt….. Sprint tracks have NOTHING on road race courses as far as natural beauty.  VIR, NJMP, Road America, Road Atlanta, Barber, etc.   Sprint tracks are just too condensed, in my opinion.  I have actually been to the road course @ Las Vegas.  With the mountains in the background, etc. it’s stunning.   Although, being on the sprint track @ Super Nats must be pretty cool.   Imagine running that at night with all of the lights of Vegas.

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    Nick Clark

    Those tracks look pretty sweet. Has anyone been to ‘Kart Kountry‘? It’s apparently the worlds longest go kart track :D

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    Walt Gifford

    NJMP ??? it’s nothing but sand and weeds.

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    Mike Clark

    NOLA Motorsports Park

    Home 2016

    Facility Rental


    It is a nice place to have within 10 minutes from my house. Our garage is about 6 minutes away from the track. I have no desire to travel to another track. There is a restaurant that just re opened.

    Karting Center has Robbie Poupart, Damon Cuccia and other staff members that are bringing customer service to the ‘next level’. Nelly, Brian, Dominic, Joe and the rest there are always great to deal with and there are a few no longer there that were great. Jay Howard is there now and he is someone I want to learn from.

    The track is highly configurable. I am not sure how it ranks on looks but for me it is a beautiful thing. It’s New Orleans Metro area. Like most places it is the people that make it great. A lot of folks putting out 100% effort to please the customers. Functional Beauty!

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    Daniel Agee

    I’ve always wanted to try racing at Pat’s Acres in Canby, Oregon. That looks like a beautiful location to me.

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    Nick Clark

    I’m jealous Mike. The track looks awesome and you’re so close. I wouldn’t bother going anywhere else either if I had a set up like that so close to home.

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