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    Dillon Johnson

    Would you be able to run a 12v Motorcycle battery to power the electronics and water pump? Or would it die too quickly? Most, if not all the electronics on our karts are 12v rated. I have 4s, 14.8v liPo batteries and just learned that they would probably not work with the risk of burning the water pump up.  Any reccomendations on 12v batteries?


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    Andy Kiker

    Almost any 12v battery would work. I would say at a minimum 5000 mah. I run one of these.

    http://www.onlybatterypacks.com/showitem.asp?ItemID=11075.37  Just make sure it is fully charged before each race. Also if you run a mychron 4 tied in to the same battery it shuts off on low voltage (below 10v I think) so if the gage shuts off come in because the water pump is not fare behind.

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Do yourself a favor, find out the rating of all of your equipment at full power.

    ie, water pump 3.0 amps, Mychron 800, mah, etc.  That will determine what size battery you need.  In the above example you have a total of 3.8 amps draw, meaning at full power a 3.8 amp battery would last one hour.  I would use a 4 amp battery, all the races I run are about 30 minutes, that gives me another 30 minutes reserve.

    Also, they make Lipo batteries that are the correct voltage rating..  Not cheap, but check out Ballistic Batteries…


    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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    Dillon Johnson

    Thanks you andy and chris for the replys. I do have a couply 12v smaller batteries that I will give a try. I do like the idea of tying the mychron 4 to the battery. Definitely will check out ballistic  and only batterypacks.com


    THanks for all the help

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    johnny brooks

    Something to consider about batteries is that the new lightweight LiFEPO4 like the Ballistic cannot be charged with an anti-sulphating pulse charger like my CTEK 3300. (Pulse mode is part of program and can’t be turned off). Older standard type chargers OK, and newer chargers where pulse mode can be turned off would be OK………PULSE MODE will kill a Lithium battery.

    Price and weight are the other factors.
    A basic Sealed Lead Acid 7ah battery is less than 20 bucks and weighs 4.8 pounds.
    An equivalent Ballistic LiFEPO4 8ah battery is about 100 bucks and weighs 1 pound.
    Andy’s NiMH 5ah is right in the middle of that at 2 pounds and 65 bucks.

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